Monday Musings 10/26

Loving holidays more since I had children, COVID’s toll on mass media, understanding bullying but not excusing it, early snow, and living through history. 

  1. I want to preemptively wish you a very happy Halloween before this bewitching week really starts off. Since I’ve had children I have fallen back in love with Halloween. They sort of unlocked the magic for me. Christmas had the same thing happen as well. Easter too. In fact, life in general is vastly better. Obviously with COVID people won’t be out trick or treating this year. My family won’t be, which is sad, but getting sick or making someone else sick is worse than missing this experience for just one year. Every year for Halloween we watch Hocus Pocus. It is even more of a treat since I was lucky enough to have met Doug Jones (the zombie with his mouth sewn shut) at a convention. One of the nicest guys ever. I geeked out and couldn’t form sentences. Good times…
  2. It is nuts to watch how the entertainment industry is adjusting to COVID. They keep hoping that we’ll turn the corner in our containment of the virus, but so far that has not happened. I know people want to go watch films, but if they don’t feel safe I can’t picture that happening. This pandemic is one of those few moments where I’m happy to be an impatient blogger, because I get my material out there relatively quickly. I think that is why so many celebrities are doing podcasts. I feel like (based on no experience of my own because I barely have a following) to be a celebrity means you have to be constantly making yourself relevant, so if you lose the very vehicle to do this, you have to reinvent yourself. 
  3. I think once you realize how miserable people are in their own lives it is a little easier to deal with their abusive behavior. Not saying that you should stick around for it. Toxic people have no benefit for the health of your own identity. You cannot change them. Every therapist will agree with that concept. I do think there is a benefit to understanding the symptoms of this viciousness. Recently, someone I deal with occasionally in my life sent me a cruel text message and instead of wanting immediate revenge for it I thought about the source of it. Lets just say the origin of that attitude isn’t sunshine and lollipops. It didn’t legitimize his behaviour but it certainly was not a surprise knowing how his actual life operates. I took some steps to protect myself from him, but I didn’t need to be petty. In truth, I’m better than that.
  4. Already there is snow on the ground here in Minnesota. That is nuts. Usually we make it through October without this skim of frostiness across the land. I don’t mind it that much, except for driving in it. The first snow makes the roads extra apocalyptic right now, which in 2020 doesn’t seem possible. You would need roving bands of leather clad marauders to make it anymore cataclysmic. I think some drivers think the snow is a mirage, a glitch in the matrix, or that the physics the weather produces does not apply to them. Boy were they wrong. Hopefully these recent snowfalls got everyone’s Snow Legs underneath them, because it just the start of a very long winter here. Sob.
  5. I do keep going back to this moment in history. We’re living through a pandemic. Let that sink in. Currently we’re in a time and place that will be immortalized by the media for years to come. We’re now a part of something that makes our existence fall into question, and reminds us that as humans we’re just as frail and mortal as any other lifeform on this planet. I feel like because of the hyper capitalization of technology in this country we had stopped thinking about our own mortality. Time no longer seems limited because we have so many ways to distract ourselves. 


  • Got caught up on the new season of Fargo. What a show. Still fantastic. Chris Rock is doing an excellent job in it.
  • If you didn’t check out my new serialized cyberpunk fiction story Genesis Adust, well you can read part one anytime.
  • I do plan on writing some nonfiction on this blog at some point. A few ideas are percolating in my brain. Been a little while since I dipped my toe into that pool. My voice has probably changed.
  • I will be sharing a special Halloween story on here next weekend. Stay tuned.
  • Pikmin 3 Deluxe is right around the corner. Been watching gameplay. Very excited.
  • Making my way through Trials of Mana right now on my PS4. Great game. Love how friendly the Mana universe is to experience.
  • Rewatched FF7: Advent Children. The film still holds up immeasurably, along with the fight scenes. 
  • I’m going to get HBO Max soon, plus CrunchyRoll. I’ll see you in a year or two.
  • Have a VERY safe and healthy week everyone. Please take care of yourselves. Thank you for reading.