Monday Musings 4/10

Wanted to start out the Monday Musings this week with a quick shout-out to my patient, and beautiful wife Geneva Marsh. It was her birthday last Monday. This post was originally planned for it, but I got sick with the stomach flu for the second time. I’m just that cool. Sadly, she had to deal with my whiny-self on her birthday. Sorry babe, and sorry to all my readers who didn’t have any new material for a week. I was sick as hell. However, and as a special post-birthday treat, I’ll be releasing a short story specifically for her on Wednesday. She loves Selkie mythology, so I will be integrating that into the tale. I love you sweetheart. Thank you for letting me live my dream.

  1. Been watching My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on Netflix. Love that show. In fact, it is amazing. I even like the musical numbers, which is not my favorite genre. The show pokes fun at a lot of current and constant issues with the millennial generation and beyond. Everything from being obsessed with social media, to living in your parent’s basement, to having to work in customer service while going for your degree. It all pertains to what is happening in our culture with the wide economic disparity between classes. The show is very keen. I highly recommend it.
  1. I was super excited to stop by the Source Comics and Games here in the Twin Cities and see that my Greenland Diaries series has nearly sold out after one year on the shelf. They bought 16 books from me, and there were only three left. Due to this popularity, it looks like I’ll be doing a book release event there in the fall when The Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200 comes out. This book I hope puts the other two to shame in the series, but we shall see. It is so exciting to be putting this story out there for people to enjoy. I am so very lucky to be writing.
  1. I have not had a chance to see the live action of Ghost in the Shell. I’m an ardent fan of the original, so I’m very hesitant to go check it out. The idea of sentience and robotics is becoming more prominent in our culture with the hyper-advancement of technology. The original Ghost in the Shell started talking about what the difference is between a computer program having an error, or a human being having doubt? Is there a voice in the machine undetectable to us that might be original consciousness? Is a pattern of lost data a personality? Okay, I’m going to see it.
  1. I’m not an overtly religious person or anything. For some strange reason, I feel like if I continue to wear shorts and flipflops in this unseasonably warm spring here in Minnesota, I might awaken some dark curse from the frost giants and cause the Fimbul winter. If that happens, well, everyone here can blame me. The natural world invokes so much superstition and fantasy theory. I imagine it has been this way since the dawn of time, when every animal screeching in the dark morphed into the most hideous demon from the lowest circle of every mythological hell.
  1. This week on the Craft Corner (This is a new title for it that I just invented) I wanted to talk about saturated images. One tendency I had to get over in my writing, and I’ve noticed in others, is our compulsion to describe and provide imagery on objects that have received plenty of attention through multiple variations of media. You don’t need to describe the sky, ocean, or trees if they’re basic and unimportant. Describe the nouns that are unique to the plot, setting, and theme. It is great that you can say: “the moss at the base of the oak looked like half-dripped paint from a child’s art project.” However, who cares? Why should we care about that detail? Is there a theme of adolescence to echo that image off later in the plot?

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