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Monday Musings 10/7

Meanwhile, at the Legion of Doom, I’ve discovered a certain Crab Dip at one of the local restaurants that is so good it makes me sad when I’ve eaten it all. Even writing about it brings me back to that sorrow. I must stop.

  1. In terms of consumerism euphoria, for me, is there really anything better than sorting through a big box of comics and finding one you wanted? Opening the manufacturer’s wrap on a new video game, movie, or CD was always high up there, but actually finding a comic you wanted in a sea of plastic sleeves, well, that is hard to beat. At various points in my writer’s life I’ve actually sold some of my comic books to make ends meet, so now if I find one I got rid of, well, that is even better. I’ll whisper sentences to them that are normally reserved for romance novels like “I came back for you,” or “I told you I loved you.”
  2. I have to admit I’m pretty excited for the Breaking Bad movie coming out El Camino. I heard that the creators of that series needed to explore the characters some more, or that they weren’t done with the story. I think that is a pretty honest and understandable reason to create further content for a series. Sometimes as writers we can’t stop till we’ve fully explored a narrative. Breaking Bad is one of those excellent shows that almost tricked you into rooting for the antagonist. The moral ambiguity of it makes you ask questions about organized crime, incarceration, and the war on drugs. Better yet, the theme of unrealized dreams and potential in it make for a very relatable human element.
  3. This week on mindless self-promotion, I wanted to let you know my short story collection I Sing Constellations is free today on the Kindle. This is the second collection of fiction I ever released and it has some of my favorite stories of all time in it, which include Rain, Demonland, and Fishing on the Diving Blue. It has a genre for everyone in it. Science fiction, horror, fantasy, fiction, Steampunk, Cyberpunk, and even some post-apocalyptic wanderings. Free today on the Kindle.
  4. This week’s existential crisis (of the great many I deal with on an hourly basis) is dealing with trash. I am actually a bit horrified by the amount of waste we’re producing as a society. I’ve never been really environmentally mindful, but since I had children, I actually care about the state of the earth they’re inheriting. It was selfish of me not to be this way before, to not care about how my behavior hurts nature. Now, I’m constantly thinking about it. Children have a way of putting things immediately in perspective, and for someone like me who was subconsciously nihilistic, well, it really woke me up.
  5. This week in Craft Corner, I wanted to talk about my desired vibe in the environment around me while I write. I’ve slowly coming to grips with the fact that I need silence to work on my writing. I originally liked music, films, and television on in the background. Now, I need the quiet. Pathetically, even outside noises bother me. Jets, birds, trash trucks, and the always charming: “I’m going to mow my lawn at seven in the morning because that is the way it needs to be.” Physically I’m 35, but my soul might be that of a 70 year old.


  • If you haven’t read any of my new flash fiction from the Greenland Diaries (which is all interlinked) check them out. There is Largo, the Marksman, and the Lagoon to start.
  • Alright, I’ve made a playlist of all my favorite anime openings of all time: Attack on Titan Season One. Attack on Titan Season Two. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Record of Lodoss War. Naruto Shippuden Opening One. Naruto Opening Two. Naruto Opening One. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Opening Two. I use them to get me in the mood for writing sometimes.
  • My spell check just learned Gundam, Naruto, Shippuden, and Lodoss. Today is a good day.
  • Letterkenny is quite the show. It is pretty crass, but still entertaining. The narrative structure is fantastic, so is the dialogue.
  • Got a new piece of flash fiction coming out soon that actually has the POV of the Unnamed. Stay tuned. Should be an interesting and insightful read.
  • Hope everyone has a healthy and happy week. Thank you for reading.


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