Monday Musings 2/19

I’m trying to stay awake while writing these musings. I’ve been monitoring my sleep recently, which means I need to skip catnaps that I occasionally take in my van when I take my kids for a drive. I need deep sleep for this study to see if I have Sleep Apnea or not. I’m becoming half-machine.

  1. So in April I will be releasing a new collection of short stories. They will be all standalone stories (or a few might be linked together, we’ll see). Anyways, I was planning on putting it out in the fall, but I’ve decided I’m going to release another collection of stories from the Greenland Diaries for that time period (or Fall 2018). Then, next fall, (or October of 2019) will be the fourth book in the Greenland Diaries. I didn’t want to wait till I was done with this series to put out this short story collection, so here it comes. More details to follow.
  2. I finally finished reading an entire book of literature for the first time since my kids were born. I don’t count graphic novels or comics, because they are different, but still amazing. It was a collection of short stories from 2012, or the O’Henry Fiction Anthology. There was some amazing writing in there. A few of the stories made me even get the feels, which no doubt made the plasma techs self-conscious that I was in physical pain. I do most of my reading at the plasma center while I donate. Feels really good to finish a big piece of literature. Almost like eating a one pound burger.
  3. When I first started living on my writing, I sucked at it. I had no business acumen, little or no patience, and I never planned for the long-term. I’m still struggling, obviously, but I have learned a little bit from my mistakes. One mess-up I made last year when I first started doing this thing was to keep holidays in mind when you’re budgeting your money. I sort of forgot about Christmas, and was forced to sell a bunch of vintage video games to pay for my wife and kids gifts. This broke my heart at the time. Actually, I’m still sad about it, but when you have a dream, you’ll do a lot of things to make it happen. Recently, I’ve been doing a bit better planning things, and I was able to buy back a few of these precious RPG’s from my childhood that influenced me so much.
  4. I’m really stoked for A Quiet Place, a new post-apocalyptic film coming out. The monsters are sound-based, so silence is essential in this cataclysmic setting. I’m more excited to see how the creatures are designed than I was for Star Wars or Game of Thrones. I just love a good monster. I’m worried they might end up being giant bats or something. If their appearance is based on their senses, which applies to almost all living organisms, they should have features that echo this affinity for noise. Please don’t be giant bats.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I wanted to talk about writing in terms of socialization. When I was going to school for creative writing I always flourished because there was a community of literature and creativity constantly surrounding me. I was enveloped by narrative, all the way from my literature to  my fiction courses. When I graduated, I immediately lost this community because I was no longer around education. Now, without this environment, I try to spend time with my friends who are writers at least a few times a month. Even if you don’t talk about your writing or projects at all, you still get some of that creative energy and I think that almost always benefits you and your process.


– I don’t think I’m going to ever finish Breath of the Wild. That game is ridiculously giant. It is time for me to storm Hyrule Castle, but the work and resources to get there are practically another game in itself. I can’t handle the grinding.

– Watching On the Inside right now about people volunteering to be undercover within a jail for the criminal justice system. It is pretty nuts. You never know what to expect from people.

– I love the Olympics. International competition makes you feel like the world is truly connected. Everyone has a story.

– Have a safe and amazing week! Thank you for reading.