Erasmus: Part 22

Erasmus and Elena stared at each other for a few moments. Afternoon sun made the forest light heavy and sleepy. Wind billowed a little bit of everything. The mixed smells of moss, dirt, and rock formed an earthy aroma all around them. Only Elena could notice that completely. She was human, and it was painfully obvious that Erasmus wasn’t.

Despite this mixture of monsters and men standing ahead of her it wasn’t the strangeness of seeing each other again that made them so immobile; it was the passage of time and the haunting fact that Erasmus clearly knew about the Jade.

“Yeah, after the drum was destroyed, most of the Unnamed and Reanimated headed for the continental divide. Turns out a huge forest had sort of grown there during the drum. They called it the Jade, because, well, it’s bright green.” She said. She started walking in circles inspecting Erasmus. She stopped and looked back at Ron. 

“It’s really him,” she said. 

“Wow, has he changed at all?” Ron said, picking his way through the trees towards their small clearing. He wasn’t as fluid or sure on his feet as Elena. Erasmus had never seen a human as old as him before. He couldn’t help but stare at him.

“The Drum got destroyed?” Erasmus said, again struggling to talk. If he had been asleep for 11 years, even his supernatural body would need some time to adjust. 

“Yeah, sure did, thankfully. The Unnamed are still dangerous, but they don’t try to murder us every waking moment. In fact, the ones in the Jade are absolutely vicious. We were asked by our Bureau to head that direction with a bunch of other volunteers to help secure an outpost in Old Colorado, near the northern tip of the Jade.” Elena did.

“Yes, asked is a nice word for it.”   Ron mumbled.

“So the Unnamed aren’t gone?” Erasmus asked.

“No, if only. They’re just as terrifying, but not enough to want to kill us if we cross paths with them under unsavory conditions. They’re more like wild animals. Usually they don’t bother you unless they’re threatened. Of course, next to the Jade it is a different story, which is why’re walking there right now.” Elena said. 

She slowly walked up to Erasmus and put her hand on his shoulder. “How do you know about it, old friend?”   

Erasmus found the gesture odd considering she wanted to kill him originally. Things must be different now somewhat. Something must have changed since that night when he woke up in the gravel pit.  

“I saw it when I was inside the Unnamed. That, and some sort of ocean and shore. But there was a forest for certain.” He said.

“Sounds like you’re the perfect guy to bring along with us. Elena said you could talk to the Unnamed too. You saved her life. Now, that was some time ago, but you’ll get your shot again with where you’re going,” Ron said.

Elena wrapped her arm around his shoulders and nodded with a sly, tight smile.

“Yeah, sounds like a match made in heaven,” she laughed.

Erasmus looked back and forth at the two of them. 

“Do I have a choice?” He said.

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