Day 30

Last night was nothing. More drum, it’s the same every night. I’m not even scared anymore. I mean, there are tense moments behind the wall and all. A random thump or solitary scream will sometimes eek downstairs. I just grip my shotgun tighter. Snowy sleeps through all of it. Occasionally, her eyes will open from beneath the blankets and she pushes her head out to look at me. I always smile at her and whisper, “I’m still here.”

If it weren’t for her, they’d have me, I know it.

This morning I spent some time just walking through the top level of my house. I was never up there anymore. I couldn’t clean it, move it, or give any clue that I was still in the vicinity. Looking back to the first day home, it was so silly to clean up after Snowy. 

I’m depressed that I care. 

I wish I could sweep the glass, pick up the broken hardwood floor, and stand the chairs and couch up. I’ve even toyed with the idea of cleaning up another open house like the one next to me. I could watch to see how the monsters reacted, to see how they searched it.

This afternoon I sat in my backyard and watched the cotton-willow seeds sail by. Gerald walked up to see me for once, which was refreshing in a strange sort of way. He may not what to come by tomorrow.

Since today I went and looked in a mirror.

I went to the house down the block with the mirror on the inside of the basement door. I held up a flashlight to it and looked at myself. I was tanner, thin, and my hair was completely wild. I looked like a homeless person sort of, only my clothes weren’t ragged or worn. I’d been wearing mostly shorts and shirts since the drum started; it was too hot for anything else. The weather hadn’t changed once.

It didn’t take long for the shadow to appear. It hovered behind me, changing shape slightly as it drifted. The white mask was there, devoid of any detail. There was a whispering sound in the darkness, like someone was talking about me at the far side of a hallway. I smiled at them.

It wasn’t so bad.

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