Monday Musings 4/4 – What Flash Fiction do you want to be a Novel?

I know you’re used to seeing a Monday Musing in this coveted spot. However, for the next three weeks I’ll be postponing these little thought-frolics as my mind must switch creative engines to other projects. One being the third novel in my Greenland Diary series. I always start writing the next novel in May, when summer opens its paradise box here in Minnesota. If you ever need to learn more about this series it has its own website. This collection of first-person horror is by far my most popular story, and for good reason. The monsters are unbelievably terrifying and unique, and the perspective is both gritty and applicable to what you might do in such a horrifying environment. Also, I’m trying something extremely new on my blog in terms of me writing another novel besides The Greenland Diaries.

I’m letting you, the audience, decide what book I should write. I want you to vote for your favorite Flash Fiction piece out of the ones selected below, and I will turn that short story into a full-length novel. I went through all the Flash Fiction on my personal website and picked out the five stories with the most views, likes, and comments. You can read each individual story here for free by clicking on the title:

Fairy Lake

Fishing on the Diving Blue



Take Me, Know You By My Name

To vote for you favorite Flash Fiction piece out of these stories, I’ve created a slick little survey for you to fill out. It’s not some massive internet slogging of digital mud. It’s one question. You simply select your favorite story, and you’re good to go. I’ll collect the results and tell everyone about which story will be getting more sunlight under my creative star.

Click Here to Fill Out This Survey

Now, why would a writer, or any artist give up tyrannical control over what they want to create? So many of the stories I’ve written and continue to write I have thought about for years. They’re not as new to me anymore. They’re not as exciting. I still love them, but I want my mind to be pulled in a different direction. I need to grow. I’m asking you, my amazing audience, to give me that opportunity by voting on which story you like the most. What world do you want forged? What monster do you want unmasked? Please tell me. The survey will close on April 22nd. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and my survey.