Hidden Oaks is Here


Well it is here. Hidden Oaks, the horror serial podcast I’m jointly writing and producing with two awesome colleagues is officially launched. You actually can go the website right here. It is an awesome project. I’m super excited about the possibilities of it all. The monster I’m writing for this podcast is easily my best yet. It makes the Unnamed from the Greenland Diaries look like a cartoon character. So again, you can learn more about it by visiting the website here: www.hiddenoakspodcast.com

You can also find the first episode here.

And the second episode here.

This is an amazing story. There are a variety of characters, perspectives, and themes. It takes place in the late 1990’s in Minnesota. There is an actual Hidden Oaks Park you can google as well. It is a real place, and it shares some of the same details. In short, this story is about a monster, long kept dormant in a local woods, waking up. As it begins to stir, it sets off a variety of supernatural events in the surrounding population. It is terrifying, weird, moving, and original. And you can listen for free. So check it out.

Thanks for listening.