Monday Musings 3/2

Contagious existentialism, gaming conventions diminishing, communicating through monsters, the beauty of the Xenomorph, and being excited about your stuff.

  1. I think it is hard to function in this world if you’re an inherently curious person about your very existence, or are existential as a character trait. On Facebook, or other social media platforms, I don’t often comment on posts, but I did respond to some sort of post about what you were thinking about for the day. I actually shared what was on my mind for once: “The very nature of memory. When I die what will happen to all my memories? If I don’t have people in my life to experience them will they have existed at all?” The responses to this Facebook post were varied, like: “Patrick, I did not need this day today,” and “I was planning on just grocery shopping, not staring absently into the void.” I think about these existential topics a ton. I try to hit them with my writing. I do have to admit I feel a bit maniacal when I introduce these thoughts into the world and it causes people to be a bit consumed by them. I just wonder how much other people think about these deep questions. I must spread it.
  2. This week for my big pop culture examination I wanted to talk about E3 and other video game events. I’ve read in entertainment news about how companies are dropping out or not appearing at these large, once legendary gaming events. It is not just because of the Corona virus either; this popularity had been waning before the outbreak. I think gaming companies, especially the big ones who can release a simple direct or YouTube video aren’t going to spend the same amount of money on these events as they normally would. I think this realignment by the gaming industry is pretty common with how entertainment news is released. They don’t need a show or magazine article to build buzz or exposure. Thanks to the advance of technology and social media, if you have an already well-known brand (unlike me, the small fish in the big-ass pond) it seems like sharing on any platform has automatic gravity to it. Must be nice. I’m not jealous. I’ll just go cry and eat some ice cream. All the ice cream.
  3. One thing you didn’t know about my writing (or might, this stuff can get repetitive very fast) is the creation of a monster, the characters that orbit it, and the setting that supports it are how I talk to you honestly. It is a horrible method of communication and can wreak havoc on my personal life, but that’s what therapy is for. Anyways, I do get an almost “high” off when people read my stories and talk to me about my monsters. I realized this in a creative writing workshop at the University of Minnesota about 12 years ago. It took me about that long to believe in that feeling. Some things you only learn the hard way.
  4. Welcome to Monster of the Week. Every Monday Musings I’ll be sharing a few thoughts about a particular monster that I love, and then evaluate them according to no rubric. It will just be my emotional and partially uneducated opinion. This week is the Xenomorph from Alien, which happens to be one of my favorite monsters of all time. My favorite thing about the Xenomorph is that it is the physical representation of the vacuum of space. It is unstoppable, powerful, primal, and constantly the main character in a scene where it usually doesn’t even appear. Conversations rotate around the Xenomorph, even when it could be a galaxy away. This mirrors the omnipresent danger of space travel. On a physical level the monster can kill you, but even more so knowing it is out there can change the way you interpret your whole reality within that fictional universe.
  5. Alright, so this week on craft corner I wanted to talk about excitement. On a basic level, it seems like whenever you’re trying to share some of your artistic work, like writing, drawing, pretty much anything you create, you should be excited about it. After revision after revision, the endless editing process, and submitting it time and time again, you might lose some of this excitement about why you did the damn project in the first place. What I need to do in this situation is make a conscious effort to maintain that thread of excitement. I think to myself if there was one thing I could tell people about this story that makes me excited still, after all this pain and suffering, it is this or that (my answer is almost always the monster). I think that philosophy helps with marketing. I need to practice it more often.


  • I’m very excited to play Ever Oasis again on the 3DS. I exchanged my old copy for my Switch system a few years ago and have missed it ever since. Found a cheap copy and I’m going to indulge. I love the world it takes place in.
  • Really tired while writing this post. Just went to a Karan Casey concert and it was fantastic.
  • Calamity’s Keep will be returning soon. I promise. The podcast has taken over my life. It is really good though. You’re going to like it. What a monster. It is legendary.
  • Excited for the new season of Better Call Saul.
  • I’m ready for spring. Not ready for a pandemic of sorts, but birds singing and green grass. Not the biohazard symbol around every corner.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone. Emphasis on the health currently. Oof.