Signing Off (partially)

Well, like the title of this post states, I’m sort of signing off from writing blog posts, or posting musings, or whatever you want to call it. I’ve got too many projects right now that require my complete attention. I will still publish on here when I do events and when new books are released, but the majority of my posts will stop. Thank you everyone who has been consistently reading my work and supporting me. This has been an amazing platform. Having this community be there for me has fundamentally changed my life. I wouldn’t be anywhere without your help. Here are some of the projects I’ll be working on in during this hiatus.

  1. I’m writing a screenplay for a production company that is slated to begin production in fall 2019.
  2. A self-published sequel to my debut dark fantasy novel Beware the Ills entitled This Living Cage for release at Crypticon 2019.
  3. A variety of nonfiction essays for traditional publications.
  4. A self-published collection of short stories set in the Greenland Diaries universe. It’ll be due out in fall 2020 at Crypticon.
  5. Book five in the Greenland Diaries: Days 260 – 305.

Okay, after looking at this giant list of projects I feel less guilt about not doing Monday Musings or other creative posts. This is a change for me on personal level because I’ve loved the immediacy of writing blogs, along with the instant interaction with my audience. It is leaving me feeling exposed. I will try and stay up on social media. Following me on Instagram is your best bet. There are a lot of things on the horizon. Thank you for all being a part of it.


Monday Musings 9/24

  1. Skipping the little intro I do each time with these things. Can’t think clever stuff much. Brain sort well like smart. I’m still descending the many circles of revision hell right now for GD 4. Revision is without a doubt one of the most important parts of writing. When I was younger and thought I knew everything, revision wasn’t an important part of the game. It is so nice being wrong. Young and stubborn equals angry Amazon reviews.
  2. Preorders for GD 4 (Days 201 – 280) are filling up pretty good, better than anything before. If you haven’t done this yet, well, you still can. Just go to my store and check out the preorder option. You get a free gift too. Shipping is free. You’ve got a few more weeks left to do it before I close down and order the first run. This is a great book. I’m very excited to get it out there for my readers. There are answers, questions, and plenty of amazing monsters.
  3. Looks like my book launch party will be someplace cool for once. It’ll be at Wander North Distillery in Northeast Minneapolis on Thursday, October 25th from 6:30 – 9:00 pm. This will be the first event where you can actually buy the book physically. There will custom cocktails as well, including one called “The Drum” to celebrate my book’s primary plot device. The event is free. There might be a cake too. We shall see. More details will emerge as the month goes on, so stay tuned.
  4. I’m writing these musings while sitting on a deck in Long Prairie at my annual duck hunting trip. I’m not much of a duck hunter. I like to drink, see my family, and go for walks on the property. When it comes to killing animals, well, I’m no good at it. The few times I have it was a terrible experience, racked with guilt and sadness. I think if you enjoy meat, or are a carnivore you should really have to kill an animal at some point yourself. When you buy it at the grocery store you’re completely separate from the experience. I’m thankful hunting has taught me the importance of life for all living creatures.
  5. In craft corner this week I wanted to talk about riding the wave of a creative project. I have been doing this writing thing for two years now, and I’ve learned many lessons through this experience, but some of them are not that memorable. One thing I know for certain when publishing, releasing, and marketing stories is that if you’re narrative builds a sort of wave with the audience (a shaky metaphor for success), while, you ride it for as long as possible. For me, it has been the Greenland Diaries. There were other stories I wrote that I thought would be more successful than this series, but they weren’t. The Greenland Diaries hit a vein with audiences, and I’ve decided to ride that wave by writing a complete series and expanding the universe. I think our fast-paced society has a habit of pressuring storytellers to always look for the next best thing, but it is impossible to jump to another wave while currently riding one. It’s physically impossible.


  • You can watch Rick and Morty over and over again. It is ridiculous. They’re very complete little stories.
  • Still trying to make it through Angela’s Ashes. So depressing. I’m not even a third into it.
  • Looking forward to Luigi’s Mansion coming out on 3DS in the next month. Those games are ultra atmospheric.
  • Super Smash Brothers hype is building in my brain. I know what our family Christmas Gift is going to be.
  • Short fiction from the Greenland Diaries will be returning this week at some point. Not sure what day, but I’ve already started to write the piece. I love expanding this world.
  • I need to figure out social media. I know it is this great marketing tool, but I’m a little too cynical to constantly be marketing myself. Plus, I’m a writer, so it is hard to be sharing these things that are normally written in narrative form.
  • Have a good week!