Monday Musings 9/21

RBG, constant mental shock, lack of confidence, the sequel to Beware the Ills and GD 5, and season two of Hidden Oaks coming soon.

  1. RIP Ruth Bader Ginsburg. What a blow to the Supreme Court. Not what I wanted to see to start my weekend. Regardless of political affiliation, RBG was a tremendous jurist and legal scholar. Her legacy extends beyond partisan politics. She was simply a good human; compassionate, and tenacious. I’m not looking forward to the battle over that seat playing out. I don’t stick my head in the sand when it comes to politics, but even I have my limits. I’m really tired of this election. It needs to happen faster. Overall, my mental health is always a nudge away from severe anxiety. There are no nudges with this election. The stakes are too high.
  2. Going off number one, talking about being mentally healthy to deal with things. One thing I have had to admit/swallow/face about me is how fragile my mental health is every single day. Despite going through therapy, practicing mindfulness, and constantly monitoring my emotions, I am still in this state of mental shock. This sucks. I’m not sure if it will ever go away. I’m assuming it won’t. What does seem to be happening is that I am getting better at managing it and protecting myself from situations. Sadly, some of those circumstances are current events. I feel an obligation as a citizen to be informed about the world around me, but sometimes I can’t handle the anxiety this causes. I don’t ignore the news, but I don’t explore it past a headline or a few sentences. Then I feel guilty about it, like I’m not doing my part. It is a quagmire. I need to protect myself, but stay informed. It is a journey to find that balance.
  3. Alright, last musing about mental health. I suffered from a complete and utter lack of confidence. I got this way from catering to people growing up. Family, friends, and most of all strangers were constantly dictating what I should do with my identity, instead of me listening to my own desires and instincts. This stunted my development as a person. It was an easy trap to fall into. I think there is something about our society of keeping strangers happy versus ourselves that rules how we operate. Part of that might be the drive to be “something” in the public eye. If we make the public happy, then we’ll be happy too. What a lie. You can’t fill a void inside of you with someone else’s opinion.
  4. Well in terms of self-publishing projects I made some decisions this week. This winter I will finally, after saying I was going to do it many times, will be writing the sequel to Beware the Ills called This Living Cage. It has been seven years since Beware the Ills was released. It took me seven years to write it. I think the numerology is right for this project. This spring/summer I will be writing the fifth book in the Greenland Diaries or Days 260 – 320. Both books will be released next year. Even though I’m writing this podcast, I’m going to start This Living Cage when the first snow falls here in Minnesota. Got to set the mood.
  5. Hidden Oaks season two launches in just over a week. I wrote nine of the stories, plus have a guest writer that I picked, and also will be group-writing stuff as well. This season is incredibly good. The story expands but also tightens up the various threads we spawned in the first season. Also, I know I talked about a new story on here, and I’m still working on it. I wanted to finish three parts of it before I released it. I wanted the audience to have a solid foundation of it before I push it into a serialized format. It is still on the way. Working on it at the same time as these musings.


  • I’m so annoyed that the Boyz is releasing weekly (though I’m doing the same thing with my serial). I really wish they had given us the option to binge it. Talk about milking the concept. I mean, I’m just jealous of its success. It is marketing 101. Great show though. I hate Homelander so very much…
  • The new season of Pen15 is on Hulu. I have been binging that as well with my wife. It really captures the awkward angst of middle school to a sort of perfection. It is easily one of the best shows on television.
  • I’ve been listening to the audio book of Malcom Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers. Fantastic story. The US is much more inept at espionage than I could have ever imagined.
  • I bought Super Mario 3D All Stars this weekend. My play order is Sunshine, Galaxy, and then 64. So far it plays like a dream. Graphically looks beautiful on the Switch as well. Mario is a timeless formula of enjoyment.
  • I am beyond stoked for Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. What a perfect concept for a prequel to Breath of the Wild. FYI if you’re having a hard time of it, play Breath of the Wild on the Switch. It is one of the most soothing experiences ever.
  • Distance learning is in full swing in my household. I’m glad I have a patient wife. She might need all the liquor when this done, but she’s earned it. Our society needs to stop taking teachers for granted.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone. I hope you all have a good week. Thank you for reading.