Monday Musings 5/8

I was looking forward to writing my Monday Musings today after having worked on the Greenland Diaries so much this last week. My self-imposed deadline of July 10th is looming closer and closer. I feel like I’m driving into the mountains out west, and from a distance it doesn’t look too intimidating, but the nearer I get, the more they tower over me like impatient juggernauts of rock and moss.

  1. I’m shutting down my Greenland Diaries page today. In the effort to streamline my social media attack, (and to be honest, manage just one webpage) I’ve decided to delete the site dedicated specifically to the series. This isn’t a vindictive move by any means, just an effort to consolidate my resources. I reblog anything I put on the Greenland Diaries anyways. It might be my most popular series, but the Greenland Diaries isn’t the only thing I’ve written, and I want all my works to be easily available through one website.
  2. I’ve made another change with my blog that I’m sure you’ve noticed. It breaks my heart to do this, since I love to write short stories so much, but I need to give myself space between tales. I’m going to be only publishing new free flash fiction pieces once a month, instead of every Wednesday. I have been killing myself trying to make this work, and I don’t mean that I’m curled over a keyboard as a hurricane hits with a candle dancing back and forth. I’m saying that creatively the stories started to blend together, and I need some extra time to make them their own entities.
  3. I’ve been watching Death in Paradise on Netflix for a few weeks now, but I’ve neglected to mention it in my musings. The show is a typical murder of the day type of plot, which is balanced by a straight-edge inspector from London colliding with the laid-back vibe of a fictional Caribbean island. The show is sweet, funny, and serious, plus you’re constantly exposed to the emerald shores of this magnificent scrap of land sitting in the ocean. I think for me, like any show with a tropical setting, this is my favorite part.
  4. So, I’m not sure how many people have read my novel Beware the Ills, which was my first book I self-published, and my favorite. It is one of those books where the audience either completely hates my novel and its unique style, or they completely love it and obsess over it like Gollum with the ring of power. Anyways, I’m happy to announce that I will start working on the sequel called This Living Cage in November, and hopefully have it ready for publication in October 2018. I released the other one about six years ago, which is how long it took me to write it, so I’m happy to have hit that same allotted time.
  5. This week on Craft Corner, I wanted to talk about self-publishing vs traditional publishing. I talk a lot about which direction a modern writer should go. For me, the easy answer is both. You should both self-publish and traditionally publish. This seems like a very anticlimactic solution, but it really is that simple. You need to learn what projects you should follow with each style. The Greenland Diaries is raw, uncut, and written in a journal format, perfect for the constraints of self-publishing. Beware the Ills is the same way, and I don’t think I could get it stylistically past the editors. However, I have published short stories with traditional publishers in 3rd person, a style more suited to their publications. Pick your stories carefully. If you feel like your style, story, and characters are reflective of the traditional publishing menu, then submit to that setting. If you feel like you need to prove yourself in the arena of self-publishing first, then that works as well. Once you’ve completed a project, gravity takes over anyways.


(Here in Minnesota, and at one of the newspapers I read called the Star Tribune, there is a columnist who I sort of admire called Sid Hartman. He’s ancient, like 90 or so years old, a literal dinosaur of the sports writing community here in the Twin Cities. A friend of mine who used to work at a bagel shop said he was a jerk to help, and super impatient. I think at that age every moment is a cliffhanger, so that might explain the edginess. I’ve read his column for decades, and I love that at the end of his sports diatribes he shares a series of jottings or random thoughts. I’ve decided to steal them for myself.)

House of Cards Season Five needs to get here faster.

-Worried about our health insurance disappearing. Since I’m in the process of starting my own business, I’ve been getting help from the state till I can purchase an affordable plan. I’m worried about what’s happening for obvious reasons.

One Punch Man Season Two can’t arrive soon enough.

Blue Exorcist is a very atypical anime with common tropes. It is still good though. Something fun about it being predictable.

-I used to hit the library and rent five books a week or so, then read them all. Haven’t done that since the twins were born. There might be a correlation.

-By the time you’ve read this, I will have hopefully watched Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. It’s the closest thing to a live action Cowboy Bebop.

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