Behind the Scenes Episode Part One


Alright, well, part one of our first behind the scenes episode of Hidden Oaks is now up and available for you to listen to at your leisure. This was a fun one. Bob made a really, really strong Ole’ Fashions for us to celebrate with, and by about halfway through the first half hour of the podcast, well, I was drunk and slurring my speech.

I had stopped drinking to deal with my stomach issues, so this was the first cocktail I had consumed in months. Also, Bob used a very high proof bourbon for the mix, so I was even more destroyed.

So needless to say, you need to listen to this podcast just to identify when the alcohol takes hold. My biggest hint is I start using the word “absolutely” way too often. Beyond that issue, this is a great sort of summary of what we’re trying to do with this horror fiction podcast Hidden Oaks.

We talk about characters, our writing process, and so much more. Part two will be releasing in the next few weeks. I was significantly more sober for that one. Bob cut me off and gave me a bunch of Dubliner cheese with some tomato basil Wheat Thins. Oof. Anyways, check out that episode or our website for all things Hidden Oaks related. Merch coming soon.