Monday Musings 4/17

Little late today. Had to give plasma (I call it supplementing my writing) and they had some issues with the needle working inside my veins. Now, I’ve got one winner of a bruise on my right arm, and I feel extra tired while writing this, which might make for some more entertaining bits of prose.

  1. Alright, I just spent the week at Minicon 52, which is a science fiction and fantasy convention here in the Twin Cities. It was an enjoyable time. There was a ton of familiar faces, and people were super friendly. Once again, Minicon continues to have the best hospitality suite of all my conventions. Normally, you’re lucky to get chips and cheese after the hordes of con-goers hit up the free food. At Minicon there was fresh breakfast, a mac and cheese bar, hotdogs, biscuits and gravy, pizza, and more. They do a fantastic job with food, which me being a hungry vendor isolated in a room full of books, corsets, and clever shirts, can completely appreciate.
  1. Been watching Shetland on Netflix this last week. I finished the three seasons available. The show is great. It is moody, rainy, and brooding, which pretty much describes my personality. Just ask my wife. The setting makes the show, since the characters are isolated on an archipelago, which constantly makes them deal with how much support they as law enforcement can receive. The show follows a very perceptive detective through a variety of crimes, while also balancing a fair amount of personal drama that often mirrors the very cases he is working on. I think this show might’ve completed my BBC drama binge. I might need an anime now.
  1. My house needs some sort of sanitation chamber before you come in the front door. Something like the room from 12 Monkeys where you get sprayed with hot water before entering. I’ve had the stomach flu twice, and now I’ve got a nasty head cold. I’m going to start considering tarps and power washers. Do they have a kind where you can fill it with a can of sanitizer? I could have some chemical fog chamber you must walk through. There would so much cleaning solution, my yard would probably glow in the dark. You could see it from space.
  1. I’m starting to become a fan of Easter. Not from a religious standpoint per say, but for how low key it is compared to other holidays. Halloween is too short, and Christmas is too long. In fact, in dealing with Christmas as a full-fledged parent, I’m insanely concerned with making sure everyone else has a good holiday, and not my own. Easter eggs are easy and fun to hide. Wearing bright colors makes me optimistic. If I had to do that every day, I wouldn’t be able to write about monsters as well. Once a year isn’t too bad.
  1. Talked a lot about self-publishing vs traditional publishing at this convention I was at. In fact, I was on a panel about it. I realized there are a lot of people who want to self-publish and don’t know the standard pitfalls of doing it. I’m contemplating starting a consultancy service for dirt cheap where I would coach people about self-publishing. I wouldn’t do editing, just simply helping you build the product, and how to support it with social media and other revenue sources. Stay tuned for more details. Mwahahah.

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