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Final Day for Preorders

Front Cover Promo

Alright everyone, I know I’ve been that annoying self-promoting pustule on the bottom of your newsfeed, but that incessant whining is now coming to an end. Today, August 15th, is the last day to preorder and guarantee yourself a copy of my new short story omnibus extravaganza Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere. I have preorders up and running in my Square Store.

What are some of the benefits of preordering a book instead of waiting to see me at a convention or out wandering the street? Well…

  1. You’re guaranteed a signed copy of the paperback in the first publication run. Supplies are limited during the initial launch.
  2. You’re helping an author balance his books. Dammit Jim, I’m a writer, not a businessman.
  3. You’re supporting an independent writer, cover illustrator, and an entire artistic network in the Twin Cities.
  4. Overall, being an awesome human being.

There are more reasons to do it, but those are the only ones I could think of right now. So again, one last time, preorder my new fiction short story collection Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere by clicking here. Here is a blurb about what the book entails:

Since I was young, the suspense of finding out what a monster is and how they interact with characters in a story has fascinated me. I’ve dedicated my life to creating monsters to understand what it means to be human. The stories included in this collection have been previously published, freshly revised, and augmented with new content. I’ve also included some new stories that aren’t part of any other collection. You have multiple genres of fiction represented in this anthology, such as fantasy, science fiction, horror, Cyberpunk and Steampunk to name just a few. There are stories from the monsters themselves, their victims, the worlds around them, and the bystanders. Some tales will be connected to one another. Others will be alone. Regardless.

There will be monsters.

So there you have it. No more promoting. Just writing now. Businessman Patrick can rest. Sleep. Sleep. That’s right. Sleep.


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