Monday Musings 3/16

Many rants about living through this historical event. Many.

  1. Well, the pandemic is here. I didn’t think (just like anyone else) at this point last year that I would be experiencing something like this anytime soon. However, we are, and that simply is the way it is. Educating and informing yourself about all things concerning COVID-19 will help alleviate your anxiety. Also, for me specifically, thinking about how absolutely powerful human beings can be in dealing with situations like this right now is immensely helpful. Entire countries are isolating themselves for the greater good, or to stop the rate of illness. This much focus in humanity is inspiring to me as a person. We’re all in this together. We can all get sick, and we can all have our lives change. Kindness can only help in this situation.
  2. I have to say it is lucky we live in the age of endless media entertainment. We’re all about to be stuck inside our dwellings for an unknown amount of time. Thank you streaming services, video games, board games, and pretty much all things nerdy. Finally a time for introverts to show you how to live. Now is the time to start working on that screenplay, book, comic, or other creative projects you’ve shelved to the back of your mind because of the banal and sterile routine of 9 – 5 working. Want to read the Lord of the Rings, play all the Zelda games, or create a new WOW character? Now’s the time to get nerdy.
  3. Well, all the musings this week are relating to the pandemic, which is only natural. It is sort of a big deal. COVID-19 talking as Ron Burgundy in my head: “I’m sort of a big deal around here.” Anyways, one other thing I feel like mentioning before I try to focus on something other than this illness and massive, historical event happening to our democracy, is that if you have senior citizens or elderly in your family (mine are all pretty much gone) look out for them. Not in terms of health, but supplies. I worry with all the hoarding that people who are going to need these essentials will be without it. Specifically people who can’t make it to the store. Wish I still had grandparents to look out for.
  4. For a lot of people, myself included, writing books and doing events is a financial necessity. With COVID-19 going nuts and our modern world being shut down, we’re now in a bit of flux and uncertainty. If you feel like supporting your local artists, writers, actors, and whatnot, then now is the time to buy their products. So much of our livelihood requires that we be out there in the world selling it. I implore for your help. A quarantined pandemic is the perfect opportunity to read a new book. Click here to check out my square store for the latest deals and whatnot.
  5. I wish I could write about something else really pandemic related, but that would be really difficult and dishonest. The truth is I’m as worried as everyone else. My wife is immune compromised and one of my stepsons is asthmatic. As an adult with children, you have to pretend slightly that things are okay. You have to act like you’ll be alright no matter what happens in the world. You’re like Mysterio crafting an illusion. In truth, you could just scream. You feel like you want to go out in the front yard and yell at the world. Everyone is scared in their own way.


  • Let me attempt to figure out if I can’t talk about other things than this massive pandemic. Games? Books? Movies?
  • You know what, I’m really tired and I can’t really concentrate on things, but I’ll give it a shot…
  • Better Call Saul season four was awesome. If it weren’t for the incoming intensity of Breaking Bad, well, there wouldn’t be nearly this much suspense.
  • I’m counting the days to the Final Fantasy VII demo. Super excited.
  • I’ll probably do a free Kindle book day coming up this week so people have stuff to read should they want it during the pandemic.
  • Okay, that is it for me. Have a safe and extra healthy week everyone!