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Patron Only Feed

In the great sea of giveaways, books, blogs, Kindle freebies, and all the other tools desperate writers like me use to get our work noticed by the higher power, (also known as readers that are willing to pay us for our work) I find myself promoting things even I don’t care about. How is this possible when writing is my dream job and my ultimate passion? Well, desperation and routine are two forces that can easily erode my sense of excitement. Taking the self-publishing path has put me solely in the driver seat for my own marketing, a job usually reserved for a publicist or agent. I can’t whine too much about it. Having to do it myself means I increased my knowledge, like some diabolical robot attacking a public library with a mechanical squid.

Anyways, today I wanted to mention something I offer/promote on my blog. It is something I’m passionate about. Currently, I’m on Patreon, and I’m trying to get more patrons each month to financially support me to help cover the expenses of life, so I can continue to keep writing. Whether you enjoy my free short stories each week, my Monday Musings, or are an avid fan of my apocalyptic book series The Greenland Diaries, supporting me on Patreon is the best way to ensure that I don’t get sucked back into retail or customer service. If this happens my writing will crawl into a hole like a frightened insect. It has always been as thus.

One benefit of supporting me on Patreon is my Patron Only Feed. For any donation level per month, from a dollar to twenty, you can get access to my Patron Only Feed. Now, I don’t want to degrade my personal blog, but my Patron Only Feed is even better. I share notes on craft, marketing, and details about my process. I also (and this is what I’m particularly proud of) explicate the short story I release every week. Just like on the blog, I publish the same short story on my Patron Only Feed. I take it a step further on Patreon, and explain what I’m doing in the story. I talk about my motivations, stylistic choices, and revisions that occur in my process. I don’t write some massive thesis to accompany my tale, but I give you at least a few solid paragraphs of why I built the monster the way I did. Many people are aspiring writers, artists, and storytellers. Reading a short story, and having someone explain it gives you valuable insight into the artistic process, which you can apply to your own. So again, I stress to you support me on Patreon.

Click Here to be Taken to my Patreon Page

For just a dollar a month you can get access to some of my best material and information, which will benefit you in your own artistic pursuits. If you sign up for the higher contribution levels, you’ll get even more rewards, which include: Kindle books, paperback books, story ideas, editing services, reservations for new novels, and more. If you enjoy any of my writing, and want me to keep at it, then please support me on Patreon. The Patron Only Feed is just one of the many rewards for doing it.

Thank you, and have an amazing weekend.

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