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Apocalyptic Monday Musings 4/13

Not that I was ever normal, but some normalcy would be okay for a change. Every drive to work feels like I’m a character from an apocalyptic story.

  1. I’m not sure if this is a new normal or what, but I certainly feel more accustomed to the shelter-in-place rules than I did weeks ago. In reality, I’ve always been an introvert for the most part, so an apocalypse like this seems to suit my personality. Overall though, most people seem like they’re adapting to the changes. Human beings have always adapted. We have that ability coursing through our veins. Some people fight it, others embrace it, and I guess some don’t even care enough to mention it. Regardless, we’re way more Borg than we think. Nobody adapts to modulating phaser blasts quicker than us.
  2. As COVID-19 drives us inside, again as a species we’re relying on fictional storytelling to alleviate some of the stress of this pandemic. For me, being a storyteller of this nature, I can’t help but feel slightly vindicated. Stories are so important for our wellbeing, on both a cultural and personal level. When this is all over, months from now, I hope people remember how important storytelling was to their mental health. How a story of dragons and demons could take you away from images of ventilators and facemasks. How a song, film, or show made you worry less about if you wiped down the doorknob in the last two days.
  3. The podcast I’m coproducing and co-writing is being released soon. It feels like ages since I’ve mentioned it, but production is almost complete on the first episode. The plan is to release it on my colleague and friend’s podcast Bob’s Short Story Hour maybe this week or next. This is a really cool project, with a ton of material. I’m excited to start releasing stuff in this format and whatnot. This will be a fiction podcast, with a focus on horror, but it’ll broach a bunch of different genres. It will have one hell of a monster.
  4. I’m not looking forward into time to imagine a world without COVID-19, but I’m also in shock about how this shelter-in-place has been just one month, but it feels much, much longer, like our old life was some sort of dream or something. It’s strange, but when I look back at myself from those moments before the pandemic I think about how naïve I was about the world and living. I get mad at myself for it, like I should’ve known better about what was important and what wasn’t. It’s a weird feeling. I’m sure I’m not alone.
  5. At some point this week I’m going to write about how amazing the remake is for FF7. It is incredible. Visually stunning, and uniquely different in all the right ways. I got super emotional playing it for the first time, because I remember how isolated I was when I was playing the original back in 1997. I was in seventh grade. I was being bullied every single day by a variety of people. I felt scared and alone. I was an outcast with no friends. Then I managed to get a PlayStation and I bought Final Fantasy VII. It was inspiring, fun, and emotional all in one. I was teased for liking that game. My family didn’t understand my fascination with it. Now, twenty years later, and the New York Times is writing articles about it. I guess I’m not alone anymore.


  • The Tiger King show was scary, weird, and obscene. Joe Exotic got famous, but in the wrong ways.
  • I love Shaun the Sheep. The whole universe. It is awesome.
  • I’m looking forward to Trials of Mana coming out.
  • Anyone else dreaming about someone coughing on them?
  • Thank you all for reading my work. I can’t say that enough.
  • Be safe and healthy. Have a good week.
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