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Monday Musings 8/17

COVID anxiety, Hidden Oaks bonus short, Frontline on PBS, audio books, and writing a whole ton of writing, with some more writing.

  1. Had a bit of a hiatus last week. Mostly a bunch of really tired days strung together that distracted me from writing. My mental health was questionable before this pandemic even happened, so you can imagine that it’s not necessarily doing fantastic in the midst of this apocalypse. I’m not alone in this and I can feel that aura out there in society. This is somewhat of a strange sensation. Even when you’re in the midst of getting help, mental illness can feel like you’re living on an island. Now, everyone feels isolated because they have to be. Anxiety and depression are even more rampant than before, which is a terrifying thought. Again though, no one is alone in their worry with COVID-19. It might seem like a selfish thought, but misery does love company.
  2. We had a bonus short episode thing for Hidden Oaks that came out this week. It was sort of a secret. It was released in the cover of darkness by a horse drawn carriage. We’re doing some vignette like things before season two drops, which our official release date is September 30th. That’s right. There is a release date. Season two is on the way. This is quite the horror story, with quite the characters, and really quite the monster. You know it’s legit by the sheer number of the word “quite” I used well describing it. Seriously though, visit Hidden Oaks and listen to it. Also, here is the link to that special episode you can listen to at your leisure. Do it now. Do it. Listen. No leisure. None.
  3. I’ve always loved Frontline on PBS but never really remembered when it is on or where I could watch it. All the episodes of it are on YouTube. Have you heard of it? It is like this video sharing platform. Pretty cutting edge. Anyways, dad humor aside, I highly suggest viewing these documentaries, which are absolutely fantastic and awe inspiringly sad. I mean really depressing. Like, I’m crying from parts of my body I didn’t even think were possible. As a writer, I want to push myself to understand the human condition and portray that in my fiction writing. To maintain this awareness, sometimes I need to watch things that are horribly depressing to keep up the emotional resonance with my narrative. Frontline does this to perfection. Recently I watched For Sama, which won an academy award recently. What a show. Made me think so differently about the world. I recommend it beyond everything. It’s disturbing, but necessary. Watch it.
  4. Finally got my Kindle working with audio books, which will save my life working my monotonous day job of endless repetition. I do a bunch of podcasts, but audio books do even more for me. The first book I’m doing is Dune, because I’ve never actually read it before. I just watched some of the TV series and the David Lynch rendition. With the new film coming out of it, I was happy to dive into this universe from the source material. I have to say I’m pretty entranced by it. I didn’t think I would like it this much. I’ve always been on the periphery of the space opera genre. I had never really experienced any of it outside of mainstream films. It is such a patient book story, taking the time to both explain the universe but also have the characters interact with it.
  5. You would think after writing 12 books I wouldn’t say something as stupid as I’ve never written this much before in my life, but with the podcast I have been churning out 1000 – 3000 words per week for almost six months. I haven’t written at that level in pretty much, ever, even with the blog and whatnot. I can tell it is making me a better writer, which needs to happen all the time if I want to eventually, somehow, someway, make a reasonable living off my fiction. I realized you can’t ever get comfortable. You need to keep challenging yourself and growing. At the same time though, certain projects take a chunk of your muse with them. After I’m done with Hidden Oaks or the Greenland Diaries, I may not be as interested in portraying the genres as much as I did before. It is something I’ve noticed as I’ve aged and released stories. Once you get a certain story out of you, you’re kind of done with it. Not saying I wouldn’t revisit some concluded story to become successful. I’m sure I’d sell out ridiculously quick. Ridiculously.


  • I have one of the world’s longest video game backlogs ever. I actually wrote out a giant list. Maybe I’ll post it on here just to get your opinions on it. Basically, I can play video games maybe 1 – 2 hours a day. They’re sort of my primary hobby. For certain during this pandemic I have gone to buying games as my mindless escape from oblivion. Now, my gaming life is planned out for the next five years. Oops.
  • Finished Dorohedoro on Netflix. What a show. Truly some of the best anime I have watched in years. A completely eclectic world with excellent characters. Gruesome, but entertaining. I highly recommend it.
  • School is right around the corner, aka, an endless string of COVID-19 outbreaks. Education is important, so is socialization. I know some people don’t have a choice with this epidemic. They need to work. They need to send their kids to school. It’s not possible any other way. It should be though. We should have invested in reasonable distance learning and a stimulus that pays our salary while we’re trying to get our world under control. Our country botched this entire thing. The level of death is extraordinary. I’ll stop venting. My only piece of preaching is to be safe. Be safe. Hard to enjoy a paycheck, school, or a night out, if you’re dead.
  • Recently my wife and I dived into a season of the Real Housewives of Orange County. Haha. It’s so ridiculous. If anything the show highlights how utterly destroyed people are in these wealthy environments. You don’t have to be rich or poor to be a complete mess of a human being. Though, if you’re not struggling in poverty, you’ve got a much better chance of actually seeking and getting help.
  • I started playing Octopath Traveler. I’ve heard the game is about a million hours. I have to say I really like the visual style. It takes me back to my old SNES days, but obviously it looks better. The battle system is pretty intriguing. Almost a Valkyrie Profile throwback thing.
  • I’ve also been playing Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze with my wife on the Switch. Is that game classified as fun? I’m not so sure. The amount we’re dying is ridiculous. The sheer volume of lives being lost is borderline sadistic. The game visually is super impressive, but I can’t figure out if I want to cry or laugh while playing it. I cry. I cry a lot.
  • Well, that’s it for this Monday. I’ll try to avoid any lapses going forward, but I have been writing this blog nonstop for almost five years. Please buy my books. Like me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. Support me so I can keep writing and making the stories you like. I feel like I’m just getting started, eternally. A chase with no ending mark.
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