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Season Finale of Hidden Oaks


Alright, well, that went quick. Episode 10 of Hidden Oaks is now out, which completes our first season of this horror serial podcast extraordinaire. I’m super proud of this project. I’m extremely happy with how the monster is turning out. You’ve have not seen (or heard I guess) anything like it. I had been forging it for the better part of a decade. It is an astounding abomination that will completely capture your curiosity.

If you need to start from the beginning, then go for it, or you can find all the info at our main site.

We’ll be taking a short break from the whole thing. Hiatus I guess is the technical word for it. We’ll eventually being doing a roundtable and Q and A episode, so if you’ve got any questions for us crazy creators, please send them to hiddenoakspodcast@gmail.com.

Thank you all for your support and listening throughout this project. I hope you continue to listen to future seasons and you enjoy the development of the plot. Please take care and stay healthy this holiday weekend. Thank you again for all the support.

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