Patreon Launch

It’s almost like a midwestern masochism of sorts. You’d rather suffer than bother people with your issues. Well, this particular personality trait isn’t very helpful for the current environment for artistic entrepreneurs who rely on crowdsourcing, marketing, and self-promotion.

I’m asking for your financial support to keep my blog, stories, and dreams alive through Patreon. Now, I realize that there is not a whole lot more I can ask you to do as my supporters besides actually read my work. This in itself is an honor since we have so much media vying for your attention, especially behind the hollow click of the mouse.

Writing is my sole income. There is nothing else. I love providing free content on my blog, but I do need help to keep it going. Some friends of mine suggested Patreon recently, and that I should launch a page for my readers to support me for just a few dollars a month. I had considered this strategy before, but I was worried about asking too much of my audience. They convinced me that my readership should at least have the option to support me through a Patreon page.

So I built my Patreon page. You can click on it HERE.

I offer a whole host of rewards per contribution level. With Patreon, you give a small amount of money each month to an artistic entrepreneur. It can be a dollar, three, five, ten, or twenty. Each amount carries different rewards for that patron. I offer five levels of contributions. The reward I really want to stress to everyone who reads my work here on What the Monster Said is the $1.00 contribution level. For the price of just a buck a month you can not only support me and make sure all my writing sticks around, but you will also get access to my Patron Only Feed through Patreon. Here, you will get even more behind-the-scenes material then you do on this blog. You’ll get notes on craft, self-publishing tips, marketing information, and little anecdotes about what inspired my current fiction writing. I have a ton of experience doing this stuff, and for a buck a month you’ll be getting the benefits of both my successes and failures.

There are other levels of contribution. For $3.00 you get the feed and also my short stories early, plus a free Kindle Book. For $5.00 you get everything already stated, and a free Q & A with me via email. For $10.00 it is everything, but also early releases for new books and a story idea for me to write about. For $20.00 you get everything, plus two paperback books sent to you for free.

Phew. Okay, so if you can spare a dollar a month to keep me going that would be amazing. Obviously, the rewards get better as the amount increases. Again, you can find my Patreon page by clicking HERE. Please support me. My stories, monsters, and dreams have been neglected all my life. Help me keep them alive, and all the free content flowing to my blog.

Thank you. Have a great week!