This Week’s Featured Patreon Reward

I’m constantly promoting myself. When I first started writing, and getting my work out into the public, I was this disheveled hermit who barely spoke to anyone. At the time when I self-published Beware the Ills, and was blogging The Greenland Diaries, I had just gotten out of a long-term relationship and my confidence was very shaky. It was hard to promote myself let alone my writing, even on Facebook, or just a few websites. Now, four years removed I still find it difficult to sell my own work, even if I’ve had some meager success. However, changing my occupation so that writing is my sole source of income has forced me further into this sales role.

Going off that sheepish introduction to this post, I’m starting a segment each week where I will mindlessly promote my products in the hopes that all my awesome subscribers will purchase my books or support me through Patreon. This week I’m sharing my favorite Patreon reward you can get via my Patreon Page.

I tried to stagger out my contributions and rewards, so even if you give me a dollar each month you get a bunch of awesome material. It is not hard for me to give out good rewards. I think it is justified if you’re willing to part with your hard-earned cash in an era of severe economic disparity.

My favorite reward I’m offering through my Patreon page is the $20 reward, which is the highest contribution you can make monthly towards my writing. If you want a sequel to the Greenland Diaries, Beware the Ills, or DOL 39. If you want free short stories published on my blog, a free serialized story, and tons of other free content, please support me via Patreon. The reward where you get the most bang for your buck is the highest bracket, the coveted $20 contribution.

The rewards for the $20 monthly contribution are as follows: My love, adoration, and respect. Free access to my Patron Only Feed, which makes this blog look like a pile of crap. Not really, but you do get a ton of behind the scenes information about my journey, plus I take my stories each week and sort of explain the inspiration behind them, which can be an insightful experience, especially if you’re a short story writer yourself. You get one free Kindle book of your choice. You get to pick a story idea for me to base an entire short story around that I will publish on my blog. This is a fun option. I would totally do this. You can be an evil puppet master. You also get to have some personal correspondence with me in the form of Q & A email where I will personally answer any of your burning questions about writing, publishing, life, and monsters. You also get early reservations for my new novels. You can buy them before anyone else. This is especially great if you’re a fan of the Greenland Diaries, which operates in suspense as I drag you through the monster-realm without a clue about what is going on. You also can send me a short piece of writing (2000 – 3000 words) that I will edit, make notations, and give you some great feedback. It can be a short story, essay, resume, cover letter, whatever you want. I do not judge!

Then, for the final reward if you do the $20 option: Two paperback books of your choice shipped to you for FREE. I will sign the books, doodle, and wax poetically about the writing process. This is a close to a $50 value that you’ll be getting for contributing to my dreams, plus all the other rewards.

The $20 option is the best value for contributing to my Patreon account.

If you’ve enjoyed my writing on my blog whether it was fiction or nonfiction. If you want a sequel to Beware the Ills, the Greenland Diaries, or DOL 39. If you want more collections of short stories. If you want more free short stories published on What the Monster Said. If you want more serialized stories on What the Monster Said. If you want me to write stories about my depression, publishing experiences, or notes on craft. If you want me to be around at all doing this, then please support my Patreon page. Even if it is for a dollar a month, it can seriously help me focus on my writing career and not on some terrible customer service job, which is the only fallback plan.

Thank you very much for reading my post. Have a great weekend.