Hidden Oaks Season Two – Episode Four

Episode four of season two of Hidden Oaks has dropped. This was a special episode for me specifically because it showcased the work by a young writer I’m attempting to mentor (I say attempt because I’m not really qualified for any of this persay) named Shemar Hunter. What’s even cooler about my friendship with Shemar is that it started on here, through my blogging on wordpress. Who said the internet didn’t work? Anyways you can find the new episode on our webpage or wherever fine pods are cast.

Shemar’s story is called “A New Home” and it is the last story in the episode. We’ve been striving to add guest authors from all walks of life, to add new perspectives to our voices. Shemar did exactly that with this excellent story. I hope you enjoy it. We’re almost halfway through this season of Hidden Oaks. For all the work that goes into these tales they release so casually. It is strange to see them come out knowing how much work gets put into them. Anyways, thank you all for listening, reading, and whatnot. Have a great day and stay healthy.