Cyber Monday Sale

Because apparently this thing called Cyber Monday caught on, I thought I would leave my Black Friday Sale up in my bookstore until midnight tonight, so you could all take advantage of this ridiculously and desperate deal I’m giving you. If you’ve not seen it, the deal is 3 books or posters for $25 with free shipping. That is a massive savings of $20.

So yeah. Here is my last ditch effort to get you to spend money on me, the penniless writer stereotype wandering around the shadows of every Hallmark movie or Charles Dickens novel. Actually, I’m not sure about that analogy, but yeah, penniless is for certain accurate.

Visit my Bookstore Now to Take Advantage of this Black Friday Deal

After this post it’ll be back to the typical musings and whatnot. Or it might not be. We’ll see. I feel like it is finally time to shake things up for my career and try a few different things. Not sure what. Not sure how. I’m only certain about the uncertainty. Yay. But until then, enjoy this deal.┬áThank you everyone for the continued support.