Monday Musings 7/18

The more hope I have for violence no longer being a solution to our problems, the more incidents of strife seem to echo out the abyssal pit of our dark nature. I hope these are the requiems of bygone attitudes. I hope we’ve cornered all this malice against the grimy backdrop of some futuristic skyscraper. I picture all this hate being that purple beast from The Neverending Story. You need to hunt it, and face it. You can’t let it ideally wander our world gnawing on whatever it wants.

  1. Had one of those nice rainy nights here in Minnesota. It looked like the back end of a dream you can completely remember. The air was inky. There was a layer of steam breathing out of the concrete, like some network of hidden forces could finally exhale without being noticed. The sky had a tinge of fire to it. The rain was falling steadily, but it wasn’t enough to make you stand still. Nature has a way of making you question yourself on a regular basis. When it feels like you and the earth are on the same page, you feel a kinship that seems to be permanently unspoken, yet completely inherent.
  2. I’ve got a couple of neighbors right now who are mildly obsessed with where I park my car on the street. One claimed I was too close to her mailbox, and the other said he couldn’t back out of his driveway without potentially hitting my car. In each circumstance, I’m over twenty feet away from each debated spot, enough to park a small goddamn jet. Besides their inability to properly judge space on a public street, I can park wherever I want as long as I’m not parked directly at the end of their driveway. I’m not an inconsiderate person, but this scenario is making me want to intentionally be one. This is the first time in my life I’ve encountered the anal retentive neighbor personality. I have a lot of children. Four to be exact. My yard has a tire swing, toys, and other objects that kids outside should play with. My lawn isn’t some chemical smear of TruGreen. We don’t do everything perfect with the presentation of our house, because we’re not perfect ourselves. Our home is a reflection of our reality. We’re busy, stressed out folks. If you meet parents of three or more children who have a perfectly clean abode, you can assume they have some sort of reanimated corpse stowed in the attic with a housekeeping charm around its decaying neck. Recently, I’ve debated leaving some creepy woven statues of twigs on their doorstop like in True Detective: Season One.
  3. ¬†Finished season three of Vikings. I do really enjoy this show. It pursues similar themes as GOT, only they weave tradition in a little bit more to the narratives grand direction. Both shows try to portray how the pursuit of power changes you for bad or good. I do appreciate Ragnar. He’s a complex leader with a vision for his culture that can’t be matched in a reasonable sense. He stays eccentric to stop the pain of defeat and loss from weighing him down. At the same time, he has a grand strategy for how politics works. He knows that betrayal is a park of his extreme alpha male culture. However, out of the shows I watch, and there are many, Katheryn Winnick’s character of Lagertha is fantastic. She is a powerful, indulgent, and a wise female character, the kind that should exist in a multitude of other shows. She nearly overshadows Ragnar, who is the obvious protagonist of the show. She is a powerful woman to watch.
  4. I watched my wife hurt herself the other day in a grocery store parking lot. Actually, watch is a generous word. I casually looked over and saw her pulling her pants leg up while she was on one knee. As it turns out her right leg wasn’t warmer than her left and she wasn’t adjusting herself. She’d slipped on the concrete, which was wet from the majestic rain I described in my earlier musings. She scrapped her knee and bent back her foot. I firmly believe after her injuries that two natural enemies of this reality are flip flops and water. They’re like fire and ice, cheesecake and diet, Borg and Cybermen. She’s recovering nicely. A glass of wine helps. However, be weary of rain and flip flops.
  5. My entries of DOL 39 have run out. I put the first 25 online here. I’m actually going to be turning the whole series into volumes on Kindle. There is plenty more of the story after the 25th entry. This is probably my second greatest fiction story besides The Greenland Diaries. The intensity of the conflict with the monster, and the style of the story build a level of suspense that I’m proud to talk about anytime and anywhere. You are brought into this world, and this relationship with a monster, in which your whole world revolves around. It is extremely intense. Check it out for free before it goes to Kindle. Click here to be taken to DOL 39: Reaction One.