Free Book Friday (Oh wait it is Sunday)

I have got too many free Kindle book giveaways, so here we are again, giving them away in a pathetic attempt at self-promotion. I know most of you have already gotten these books because I have done these free days countless times in the past. But hopefully, because I have thought of the brilliant marketing strategy of scheduling the giveaway on a Sunday instead of a Friday, I will hit a massive new pool of readers that was previously untapped. The coveted people who still read blogs but only on Sundays, and haven’t read my blog, but will read my blog, so yeah, blog.

I am giving away three books today. All of them are from my “popular” and most read series The Greenland Diaries. Out of my meager audience, this book series is by FAR the most popular thing I’ve done. The monsters themselves are the engine for your engagement. They take over the story. They are the main character. I wrote it all in journal entries so the voice wouldn’t interrupt their development. There are six books in the series. Four novels and two short story collections. I’m going to do two more novels and one more short story collection.  Jump into this universe and jump out. See if you like it. I do. The monsters and survivalist aspects keep me intrigued, and I wrote the damn thing. The first two books in the series and one short story are free on Kindle today. All these books are below.

The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100

The Greenland Diaries: Days 101 – 140

The Drum: And Other Tales from the Greenland Diaries

There. I plugged it. My own semester of marketing I took in college can rest for god’s sake. I can stop torturing my professor I never talk to anymore. If you’re unsure about if you’d like the Greenland Diaries and I do realize it is not everyone’s specific cup of  tea, faceless monsters and whatnot, but you still can check out a sample if you need to. Alright, well, that is it for me. I’ll be back with more posts as I try to get this whole writing thing going. It is has only been eight years. Oof. Argh. I mean. I love it.