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Free Book for Quarantine Part Three

Well, I figured I’d do one more little book promo, because I feel bad for everyone in the world right now, and even though not a lot of people read my books, I feel like giving them away for free for the Kindle is a way of me helping. The book today is my favorite of all time that I’ve written. It’s called Beware the Ills. It was the first book I wrote. I love it. It will always hold a special place in my heart. It is by far the most original thing I’ve written too. Today and tomorrow (April 2nd and 3rd) the book is free on Amazon’s Kindle to download. Here is a quick, back of the book summary:

For the last 30 years he has been the sole protector of the legendary Diamond Town. Every hour it snows, howls, and storms. Every week, wave after wave of invaders crawl through the woods scouring for a bit of fame and glory on this lost island — and he cuts them all down with indiscriminate slashes of his sword. No one has survived being the Guardian as long as him, and the shadows are seething with vengeance in the forests and mountains.

A vengeful cannibal from a lost invasion, ancient beasts stalking about the mountains waiting to attack, and a fresh new batch of invaders with a beautiful berserker and emotionless captain are simply a few of the festering plagues on this cursed island. There will be no respite. There will be no end to the war and strife. The winters are growing longer, the cold harsher, and the enemies bolder. Take a walk in the footsteps of the Diamond Town’s Guardian and his world, through his own blood-weary eyes. Count your footsteps and mind the silence, it’s time to hunt, and to fill the graveyard again.

So there it is. This is my dark fantasy masterpiece. The perspective is fresh. The combat scenes awesome. It was poured onto the page by me while I was a bank teller. I wrote it for years. So again, you can download it for free today on the Kindle. I feel like I need to do a click here. Be safe everyone! Stay healthy.

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