Behind the Scenes Part Two is Available


Alright, well if you can’t tell by the label of this blog post we’re at part two for our behind the scenes episode. It is now available on our website and where all fine pods are cast. I use that over and over. It’s like a bad dad joke.

Anyways, this second part I was dramatically more sober for, which I’m happy about. You won’t have to worry about me slurring my words or anything. I also won’t be using the word absolutely nearly as much.

We talk about some interesting stuff. Technical aspects, depressing inspirations, releasing an episode in these turbulent times, and more. So again, here is part two of the behind scenes episode for our horror serial Hidden Oaks. We are looking for questions for our Q and A episode coming up in the next few weeks. You can email us at or find us on Twitter or Facebook. Hope all is well, and thank you for listening/reading.