Monday Musings 3/9

Motivational videos, FF7 remake, the sequel to Beware the Ills, the shark from Jaws, and making time for writing.

  1. I’m a bit of a sucker for motivational videos on YouTube. I’ve got some massive playlists of dramatic clips from famous speeches played alongside excellent Hans Zimmer soundtracks. I appreciate the emotional stimulation these inspirational vignettes give me, but whenever I watch them I always find some logic creeping into my interpretation. It is easy to rely on these moments in passing, but long term you need more standard solutions than a film clip. Granted, I do think they place the building blocks of change within your identity to a point, still the truth of what you’re going through is far more complicated than anything conceived in these videos. Motivation is not some parlor trick, but a waning and waxing force that rivals the moon.
  2. Well, I bought into the hype with the Final Fantasy VII remake and equipped myself appropriately for the coming release. I played the demo and loved it. The opening gave me the chills. I adored the game play, the redesign, pretty much everything about it just completely rocked. When FF7 originally came out I had a Nintendo 64. I had to sell a bunch of my stuff to get the right console to play it. I had played all the Final Fantasy games on the SNES. They had raised me, taught me to love storytelling, and showed me the complexity of human morality. So, a year after it was released I managed to sell and save enough money to get my system and game. Worth it them. Worth it now.
  3. Things you didn’t know about my books this week is that I actually might be pausing one more time with the Greenland Diaries. I just released a short story collection this last year in that world, and I have the fifth book sort of outlined. It is a big one. People will be really overwhelmed by it. However, I do think it is time for my sequel to Beware the Ills to finally make an appearance. It has been seven years since the first book. I’ve been promising it for as long as I’ve been doing this writing for a career. I think it is really, finally time for This Living Cage, the sequel to Beware the Ills.
  4. This week’s monster can only be the shark from Jaws. Despite the pop culture assumptions about these creatures, sharks are in fact pretty damn cool, and much friendlier than the world of fiction has let on. Sure, there are deviations to this, but the statistics are pretty true. The chances of you being attacked by a shark are very low. However, Jaws does make a great movie because the shark symbolizes the unpredictability of nature. Despite all our technology, culture, and history, we’re still a potential snack on the food chain. No matter how distant we try to make ourselves from it, the forces of nature still have dominion over our lives, even in the most dramatic fashion of a killer shark.
  5. This week on craft corner I just wanted to talk about budgeting your time to do writing. I’ve been trying to write an hour a day. I would love to do more, but there isn’t enough time for me to unless I miraculously stay awake late at night when putting my kids down for bed. Still, making sure I’m writing helps me get through the exciting life of a desk job. As long as I don’t get distracted by FF7 I should be okay. We’ll see.


  • Better Call Saul is so fantastic to watch. It uses the suspense of Breaking Bad so well. There is so much quiet intensity. I love it.
  • With writing, I feel like this cup I’m trying to fill has no bottom. None.
  • Didn’t have a ton of content on musings this week. I spent that time playing the demo. Yup. No regrets.
  • The villain on Kung Fu Panda 2 is fantastic. Nothing like an evil peacock.
  • The Switch eshop needs music. I miss it from the Wii. I occasionally listen to it on loop on YouTube. I’m nostalgic.
  • Got myself a new Vampire Hunter D novel to read. I’m very excited.
  • Have a great and healthy week everyone!