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Monday Musings 6/8

Observance of these last few weeks, escapism, old projects coming to life, being non-confrontational, and a free Kindle book for you to get today.

  1. Well, I took the week off from blogging in observance. As some of you know already, I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It has been an insane few weeks. Not only do we have the pandemic, but also the murder of George Floyd. Normally, I don’t wade into current events on this blog, but such extraordinary times require new reactions. Black lives matter. Systematic racism is alive and well in this country. It is imperative that we weed out this hate and prejudice so we can survive as a species. I will not patronize you about how to fix things or talk about how people should feel. I am a white man. I am privileged. My opinion does not matter right now. It is time for me to listen, to ally, and to remember.
  2. Hard to transition to something as trivial as musings after that, but I’ll attempt it, because that is what I do. Escapism can still echo the trauma of this current reality but with a different lens around it. With my podcast Hidden Oaks (which has a new episode up by the way) the production team and I decided to go ahead with our release, because a bunch of people requested that we do. They cited escapism as one of their main reasons. Fictional monsters are easier to digest than the nonfiction ones I guess. Well anyways. Thank you for listening to it and supporting us everyone. It really means the world.
  3. I’m reviving all my old projects in the efforts to finish them. My first will be Chains, which is one I’ve resurrected a few times. This will be the final attempt to share the entire story, with new chapters and expertly edited content. I then will do Calamity’s Keep or something. Regardless, there is nothing worse that leaving unfinished stories out there in the internet. I hopefully can finish them up and move on with my narrative life. They’re fantastic tales, I just got distracted. I tend to jump around until something has success, but then I leave this giant catalogue of narrative in my wake.
  4. Since I was a kid, I’ve trained myself to not share my opinion on things because I was afraid of confrontation. This made me an incredibly dishonest person. I damaged my life and personal development by being this way. Therapy started the demolition of this tendency. I realize some of my readers might be upset about me expressing myself in musing number one. I obviously don’t want to isolate people. On Facebook and other social media outlets, if there is someone I disagree with politically, I don’t just avoid them. I sometimes try to interact with them about our disagreements. Yeah, it doesn’t always go great, but in such divisive times, dialogue is very important.
  5. In an effort to give you some more escapism I’ve made my most popular book The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100 available for free on Kindle today. I just released a new short story collection from this apocalyptic-horror universe last November, so I have done plenty of work in the series. I guess what I’m saying is that if you invest in this series, well, I won’t just abandon you with huge gaps between releases. There is a whole world to explore. You can start the journey for free. The monsters are awesome.


  • Recently my escape to a happy place has been a YouTuber called Photo Luke Hawaii. He has been doing really good travel videos about Hawaii. One is of a hotel I travelled to a ton when I was young called the Moana Surfrider. I have watched that a million times.
  • The New York Times is doing a really good podcast right now called Down the Rabbit Hole. It is about the internet and how it is changing our society, or vice versa. I highly recommend it.
  • Oh yeah, speaking of the podcast, if you haven’t listened to the one I’m working on right now, Hidden Oaks, all pods are streaming from the beginning.
  • Currently reading the manga Ragnarok. With twin five year olds running every which way, I don’t have a ton of time to read. Manga, comics, things with pictures tend to be easier. Ragnarok takes place in a Norse mythology universe. I’m a sucker from the setting ever since I played Valkyrie Profile and read a bunch of books about it.
  • My game backlog is extraordinary. I blame Fallout 4. That game constantly makes me tinker and wander. I’ve barely done anything but that stuff.
  • I actually posted a picture on Instagram recently. Got to keep at it. I actually enjoy that social media outlet. Follow me here.
  • Have a safe and healthy week everyone. Hope all is well, or as well as can be expected…
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