Monday Musings 2/20

Starting to get back to normal physically this last week. Thank you everyone for all the kind words and well wishes. I’m lucky to interact with such awesome people. I’m blessed to be honest. I think in one week I’ll be up to snuff. In this part of Minnesota where I live we’re currently in a small norovirus outbreak. Whenever I heard outbreak, plague, or virus I’m always brought back to AP European history in high school where I read an entire book about the Black Death. It had one of those ultra-gothic covers with half-naked corpses strewn along some medieval road. Illness can be so distant when they talk about it on the news or in history books. We’re still so human though, and even a small eruption of the stomach flu can topple entire schools. No wonder the aliens lost in War of the Worlds.

  1. I’ve been kind of keeping it quiet on Facebook with political posts since the election because I was honestly afraid of being black-listed or people not supporting my writing because of my political affiliation. However, I discovered that it is better to have a voice than to suppress it out of fear of not being accepted. I truly believe that people can be honest, but they also should be willing to listen to other points of view. Also, if you’re going to talk about something controversial that has been fortified with passion and belief, make sure your patient with your own thoughts as you craft your responses. I know sometimes I need to practice this very strategy.
  1. Going off number one, I think anyone who has read my writing knows that I don’t have a political angle at all. I love to write about monsters and how humans handle them. I enjoy taking the most supernatural of situations, and using them to mirror honest and universal human behavior. How we deal with the unexpected, which in my stories tends to be a toothless gnome scouring after you at midnight in an empty mansion, can reveal truths about the human condition that transcend politics. I can’t just talk about this stuff like I was having a beer at the pub. I can’t just sit on the bus with a stranger and talk about how a mutilated dragon represents depression. It needs to be a story. Thank god for narrative.
  1. I’ve been leaving my house the last few days to get my writing done. It can get a little distracting with four children at home, especially when I kind of can’t anticipate when they’ll wake up. I don’t feel right about physically being there and not helping, even on a basic level. Of course, there are times when I’m there and I checkout and should be helping. Anyways, I’ve been leaving my house and going to Taco Bell of all places to write. I think people imagine some fancy coffee shop, but Taco Bell is a bit cheaper, and the Wi-Fi works great. On Sunday when I came up here to write, I didn’t realize that a bunch of families come here after church. So, it wasn’t the most peaceful experience. It makes perfect sense. Taco Bell is cheap, easy, and hospitable. It made me miss all my kids.
  1. I’m sort of addicted to gloomy BBC detective dramas right now on Netflix. I’ve watched The Fall, Paranoia, and now we’re on Broadchurch. I’ve noticed that British storytelling is very detail oriented, and the dialogue is flawless due to its syncopation with the plot. You never feel like a character is drifting away from the realism of the story. I’m thankful that Netflix is loaded with these types of stories. I can’t say they make me the happiest person in the world watching them. Sometimes, I feel the compulsion of going to stare at the Atlantic Ocean for a few minutes in a long coat. I think this is a common side effect of a BBC drama.
  1. I don’t know that I say enough, but the only reason I’m living my dream and able to work on my writing is due to the sacrifices of my family. My incredible wife, who is willing to stay home with the children so I can pump out stories every week, and multiple novels each year. My father who helps finance my self-published works. My mother who helps edit them. My sister who keeps me honest. My friends, colleagues, and readers who support me on Patreon, and buy my books every single time. I could not do ANYTHING without you. Thank you. Thank you. And thank you.