Monday Musings 11/14

Had to take a week off due to some out-of-control sleeping habits and a bad cold that made its way into my lungs. I feel bad for vanishing like some haunting paramour in a Victorian mansion, but it wasn’t out of maliciousness. Sometimes even I need to refuel my monster batteries. Thank you all for having patience and for continuing to read my work. You’re amazing.

  1. The US presidential election happened last week. I live in the United States. I actually live in Minnesota. Obviously, it was a very divisive election, and I of course like any other citizen have my political opinion. However, I’m not interested in writing about my legislative leanings on this blog. Here, on What the Basement Said, I’m solely interested in telling stories with no political agenda, but with emotional truths that can reach you no matter what your opinion is on taxes or war. Both fiction and nonfiction if done right can be non-threatening entities to express your opinion to an audience without alienating those who might disagree with you. These stories are for everybody.
  2. 13 Gears came and went this last week. I was a vendor at this awesome Steampunk event here in Minneapolis. Steampunk continues to be this powerhouse culture of cosplay, style, and imagination. The community welcomes you in with open arms. Every age, background, and level of cosplay is welcome into this setting. It is really cool to see a bunch of senior citizens all decked out with gears and feathers. 13 Gears is without a doubt one of the coolest happenings here in the Twin Cities convention circuit. Tara does an amazing job running it. The event is growing astronomically, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see it expand to a whole weekend in the next ten years.
  3. DOL 39 has been delayed until Black Friday. Due to illness, and me being a little crazy about how perfect I want the story to be, I’m pushing it off to the capitalistic birthday of our modern era. The cover is already done. It is amazing. It captures the tone of the story perfectly. I’m hoping people get really entranced by both the monster and the style that the novel is written in. I had a few fans at 13 Gears tell me I’m just a big tease, or that I love suspense. This is true. The moments before you actually see the monster are some of my favorite pieces of storytelling. DOL 39 is full of scenarios like these. It’ll be released on Black Friday or November 25th for all you healthy, non-shopaholics.
  4. Recently. I did an interview with my good friend and fellow writer Fanni Suto. I met Fanni through Calamities Press, a literary magazine I used to run before my own projects took over. She is a very talented writer, and I hope to do more collaborations with her in the future. She did an interview with me on her blog Ink, Maps, and Macaroons. I answered some basic questions about monsters and depression. To read the interview please click here.
  5. Heading into the holiday season, I have decided to extend my sales special of paperback books from my online store. The 2 for $20 combo with, yes, take a breath, FREE SHIPPING — will continue for at least the month of November. This means you get two novels, which are valued at $15.00 dollars a piece, for the price of $20.00. This is a ten dollar savings. I also ship you the books for free, sign them, write something unbelievably insightful, and sketch a monster just for you. This is a great deal. Please support us independent artists and writers. We’re nothing without our awesome audience. Please click here to be taken to my store to take advantage of this awesome deal. My monsters won’t disappoint.

Thank you everyone for the support. Have a safe week.