Serialized Stories

I have four pieces of serialized content I publish on a weekly basis unless I’m violently ill or searching for the Holy Grail.

Every Monday I write a collection of musings that have been weighing on my troubled soul. They typically tend to be pop culture related nuggets, with personal anecdotes mixed in. I also share pieces of industry advice and notes for other writers to use. To find my latest post from Monday Musings, you can simply click here.

Every Wednesday I publish a serialized fantasy story called Chains, which takes place in a Norse mythology setting. Two bounty hunters are sent to investigate a city borderomg the Giant’s territory of Jotunheim. Nobody has heard from the town for months. What monster was made in the cities Iron Citadel? Click here for the latest post from Chains.

Every Thursday on my Greenland Diaries homepage I publish the prequel to my popular apocalyptic book series The Greenland Diaries. The serial is entitled The Unnamed. It talks about the events leading up to the drum. For the latest post from The Unnamed, please click here.

Every Friday I also publish a serialized apocalyptic and dystopian serial called DOL 39. This tale has one amazing monster in it, which is the basis for the entire plot and universe. I highly recommend reading this serial. The point-of-view shifts give you an in-depth perspective of what life might be like living with a symbiotic monster with god-like powers. Click here to find my latest entry from DOL 39.