I’ve always had samples up of my fiction on this blog/website, but it has never been very accessible. Below are some links to some excerpts that’ll give you a bit of insight about the voice, style, and settings of my stories. Enjoy!

The Greenland Diaries: My most popular work, The Greenland Diaries is a story about a bank teller trying to survive a terrifying drum that beats every night and summons unknown monsters to hunt humans. These abominations cause a nightmarish apocalypse, which spreads across our modern world. The entire story is told through journal entries. Here are the first 10 days of this series to read.

In that Blue Shadow of a Mountain, which is a piece of dark fantasy from the same universe of Beware the Ills. This talks about one of the main characters from the book.

Spine: This is a straight up dark fantasy fiction story. There are no other connections to books or other narratives. Just about a rivalry between brother and sister. It is a sample from my short story collection I Sing Constellations.

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