Random Update 5/2

  • I haven’t written anything for quite some time in update form, so I thought I would share how I’m doing on a few writing projects. 
  • If you haven’t read Factory 9 at all yet, I have released eight parts, and I won’t be quitting it anytime soon. The first half of the story is written and I plan to finish it out as serialized content just like my Greenland Diaries story Erasmus. If you want to get caught up on Factory 9 hit it here. It is a good story. The relationship between the children, the dialogue specifically, well, I want it to be realistic to how it would actually occur. When kids talk to one another, it is so effortless. They interact with reality in a natural way, versus adults who have been diluted by our hyper capitalistic life. 
  • The Greenland Diaries: Day 261 – 290 is plodding along. I am about 50% confident that I’ll have it done in time for the Fall. I have a lot of anxiety about publishing the book and releasing it from a financial standpoint. I have four kids, which means I have little to no money. I’m hoping things turn around between now and then a little bit. At the very least people can buy it from Amazon instead of directly from me if I can’t get copies. 
  • Starting a writing group to workshop a traditional writing project. I have spent so much time the last nine years self-publishing and blogging. I still love those venues of narrative, but my career has sort of stagnated. I almost wanted to give up writing the Greenland Diaries, especially recently, but the death of Kentaro Miura, the creator of Berserk changed my mind. I don’t want to leave this world with an unfinished story. So I’m pushing my way through the fifth book in the Greenland Diaries. I’ll finish it.
  • Not sure when Hidden Oaks season three will get finished. I actually took a break from blogging and worked on it just a few minutes ago. Now is a good time to listen to it. Get caught up.
  • The traditional project I’m working on is a mixture of nonfiction and fiction. I’ve never really known what to write. Because I’m easily influenced by other people’s opinions due to my BPD which dilutes my identity, I’ve had colleagues tell me nonfiction would be better for me. Others have told me fiction. Each pulls me in a different direction. It isn’t meant to be personal or malicious, but with BPD I just tend to spiral. I think in very black and white terms. Still learning to deal with it. So my traditional project will be about the summer before I started high school, with elements of magical realism. We’ll see how it goes.
  • That is sort of it. Stuff I’ve been watching recently has been Tokyo Vice. I enjoy the cinematography. I don’t know that I’ll ever get to Tokyo in my lifetime, so it’s nice to see it  intimately. Watched the new Batman movie. That was really good. Felt more true to the comics, the gritty pulpiness of Gotham and whatnot. Sort of gave up on Elden Ring. Decided to tackle my massive gaming backlog instead. It is huge. Probably won’t buy a new game that is not family oriented until FF7 Remake Part Two comes out. That gives me a lot of time.
  • Well, thank you for reading my work. Buy my books. Support me on Patreon. If you like my writing and want me to stick around, well, that’s the only way I’ll be able to keep doing it. Someday, maybe it will all work out.  Someday, maybe I won’t have to work at a job that doesn’t reward me at all on a personal and spiritual level, and get to support my family with my stories. I guess I can dream.