Don’t Run from Multitasking as a Modern Writer

I’d love to think we were going to run out of precious metals so the internet could collapse and everything would revert back to paper and quill. This however, won’t likely happen for a great while; therefore, ebook publishing and self-publishing aren’t going anywhere. In fact, recently, the New York Times ran an article about how Amazon has completely changed the publishing landscape. As writers we need to realize these changes aren’t going anywhere, and we need to adapt to the current environment to survive. One very simple adaptation that has a cultural stigma around it would be multitasking. We’ve all heard those studies that say multitasking is bad and has broken ends for projects. However, the current writing environment isn’t asking for finished works, but continuous steams of material. Gone are the days of single standalone novels and ebooks. Now, there are continuous blogs, serials, and collections. Trilogies and sequels dominate the shelves. Things get finished all the time, and the never-ending is popular. I write three blogs besides my books, this keeps me injected into the current writing environment. You have to multitask to take advantage of the internet and networking. Don’t run from a weakness, turn it into a strength.

-Patrick W. Marsh