April 22nd Greenland Diaries Reading at Robbin Gallery


On Earth Day, April 22nd at 7 pm, please come celebrate plants turning into monstrous and unknown assailants with a preference for human destruction. The reading will be occurring at the Robbin Gallery in Robbinsdale, MN. For more information on the location of this event please click here. 

I’ve only been to a handful of good readings. First off, writers tend to just droll on through their excerpts with no emotions, like a cyborg was implanted into a podium by some faraway and disenchanted tentacle. You’d never know these people/authors have any emotions. I hope to show some actually humanity at this reading. Maybe I’ll even cry. The audience is there for something special, so they tend to want exposition on the writing process, tips for their own stories, or just personal anecdotes about how you became a writer.

I promise to deliver all of this and more.

At the event I’ll be selling my novel, and I’ll also be showcasing a variety of artists from the class at North Hennepin Community College who did some sample illustrations of my work. I’m excited for them to unveil their creations in front of a live audience.

I hope to see everyone there for what will be an entertaining reading of monsters, might, and reality.