Reading on March 10th


As part of my residency with the Robbin Gallery here in the Twin Cities, I’ll be doing a reading Thursday March 10th at 6:30 pm.┬áThe event is free to the public. I’ll be selling physical copies of my books, along with some potential artwork from Al Ostman who has done many illustrations for my book series The Greenland Diaries.

For more information about the Robbin Gallery, like where it is on this spinning emerald of living matter we call Earth, you can click here for the gallery homepage. The venue is really cool. It gives you an old school art gallery feeling, but it also feels modern thanks to the rotating collection of incredible art.

I’ve said this many times in my posts, but I hate readings where the author sounds like a toy with a broken voice box. There needs to be variation, originality, and emotion to these events, which I try to bring to the environment with new content that the majority of my audience has never read or heard before. Flash Fiction is my passion and my strength, but nonfiction is something I bring to my readings to give exposition about my artistic intent. I try to build a bridge between the two of them so the audience can relate to me. That’s all I’m trying to achieve.

Hope to see many people there. Thank you for supporting me. Monsters, monsters, everywhere.