Writing: Always Competition in the Content

I feel like a mass mirage has been spawned. The source of this illusion is the idea that the writing market is so saturated by do-it-yourself-ers like myself, who released their own books and self-promote endlessly, that the existence of competition in the modern arena of publishing is vanishing at an exponential pace. The exact opposite is taking place. Now, in a vaguely thrilling way, the war for the interests of the modern reader has intensified, since they can buy or get books for free, anywhere. As writers, the content is where we still compete with one another. Can you still capture the curiosity of a reader faster than me? People think that self-publishing and ebooks have ruined the quality of writing, but really it has just raised the stakes. People clamor for the simplicity of conflict, but in reality any good resolution is complex. Bring on the ink and guts, and enter the coliseum.

-Patrick W. Marsh