Ramblings 1/4/22

Ugh, well, December was absolutely brutal for me. Constant stomach illness throughout the household, including for me over New Years. We could really use a break on this stuff. I’m so tired of people being sick, Covid, all and any of it.  

Not a lot of new updates for me with writing since the break happened. Still deciding what to do with a new project I’ve been working on for the last few months. It is difficult to make a decision about it. Previously, and if I obeyed my first inclinations, I would just throw it up on my blog, because it’s my most populated audience space and I want as many people to see it as possible. Other times I want to be acknowledged by the traditional publishing world, and get a contract with an agent or something, but I don’t want to wait on my dreams either or give up control. Life is short and all that. Ugh. What a quagmire. 

This is all lurking below the feeling that I do want to give writing full-time another chance at some point in the next few years, with a new perspective on how to make it work. Previously, when I had attempted it, I mismanaged my time, money, and effort. I was all over the place so to speak and I couldn’t keep my focus. A second time around it would have to be different. I would have to stay focused, which unless I’m financially stable, would be impossible. So this all gets put on the backburner. 

I will say that I have been working on GD 5. That’ll be released in the Fall. Not sure what month yet. Probably September. I have to say this book is entirely different from previous ones because there are huge plot developments, almost immediately as you start to read it. There are still plenty of mysteries and secrets, but I know I’ve been putting my audience through the ringer with the suspense of the origin of the Unnamed. Don’t worry, there is some clarity. 

Beyond writing projects I’ve just been hunkering down, trying to recover from an endless repetitive line of stomach bugs and avoiding the new COVID variant. Been watching nothing of note. Been playing nothing of note. I have been listening to the Fall of Hyperion on audiobook. Really good sequel. A great series. Other than that nothing really new. Erasmus will be returning here at some point. I’ll finish that story off properly. Hope you have a great week and stay healthy! Thank you for reading my work.