Monday Musings 4/12

Missed my Monday Musings deadline last week, Virtua Fighter on Amazon, the Greenland Diaries: Day 1 – 100 being released in blog post form, Monster Hunter Rise, and shaking off the rusty when it comes to writing.

  1. This week I didn’t finish my Monday Musings before the deadline. My writing schedule got thrown willy-nilly because of some driver license issues and my wife’s medical problems. Everything is straightened out and ready to go, but I just had a few production setbacks. Driver license stuff is the worst. I forgot how much they make you work for it. I can’t imagine having to deal with this stuff and not have the resources that I had. Fees, logistical inconvenience, and everything else is not doable for everyone, yet driving is so essential in most parts of the country. It just seems like another way the system is rigged to keep you in a certain economic class. If so much of our economy is reliant on driving they should make it more economical.  
  2. This week in a random anime review from the 80’s and 90’s is Virtua Fighter on Amazon Prime. I’m not sure when Amazon Prime got the rights to this particular genre, but I’m glad they’ve got them. For the longest time I have wanted to start a podcast where I reviewed old anime, but I have never got around to it. These paragraphs are the next best thing for me. Virtua Fighter is actually a television series that was released in 1995 not a film like my last review. You can watch the whole thing on Amazon Prime. I’m only a few episodes in, but it has all the foundations of an extremely cheesy, user friendly martial arts anime. It is like a VERY poor man’s Dragon Ball Z or Naruto. The characters are relatively simplistic and represent stereotypes from the fighting game genre in every cliched way possible. There are no surprises or expectations, in fact it is utterly predictable, which makes the story sort of relaxing to watch. Virtua Fighter was originally a game. I became familiar with playing it at an old laser tag place called Starbase Omega where they had it in the arcade. It was one of the first arcade fighting games where you could move three-dimensionally. I was mesmerized by this concept even though I was terrible at the game and older kids and adults who lurked around would casually demolish me. I wonder if that made them feel good? Anyways, the anime seems light and friendly enough. I’ll update more next week. 
  3. In honor of book five in the Greenland Diaries being released this September, I’m going to be publishing Days 1 – 100 of the Greenland Diaries here every Thursday. Yup. That’s right. You’ll be able to read the whole thing for free. There are a few reasons why I’m doing this publishing of an entire book. One being that I don’t have the time to write any of my slick serials like Genesis Adust and Calamity’s Keep like I originally had planned. Two being I have all this content just sitting around and what better way for people to find it then on my blog. More reasons? I have none. In fact, it was a stretch just to think of those two. Marketing is hard…
  4. Monster of the week is sort of nebulous for me this time around. I haven’t been devouring anything media wise where monsters are super prevalent. I guess Monster Hunter Rise on my Nintendo Switch sort of qualifies. Trying to get into the series, but I’m having difficulties because the game is HARD. Legit difficult. My twins love watching me play it too. They’re on me about it. The monsters are a perfect mix of dinosaurs and dragons, they’re two favorite things right now. Even they get tired of watching my ass get kicked on a regular basis. They’ll in fact shout orders at me to take down monsters, but that just makes me even more nervous. Overall, I do think I’ll stick around in the universe, I just think it’ll be A LOT of grinding for me.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I wanted to talk about rust. In my writing crew for Hidden Oaks some of my compatriots have been dealing with rust as we start writing season three after a long hiatus. This is a totally legit feeling, and it comes with the territory of writing. I’m not sure there is a cure for rust. For me, I just have to remind myself of some of the storytelling basics. Plot, character, how my voice works, things I miss, imagery, purple prose, etc. I actually have a list of things to watch out for when revising my work. I have been writing long enough to have a list of tendencies, and I try to get to them in my revisions. Still, even with tools the rust is real, and production is the only way to shake it off. The image that comes to mind is you’re some turtle at the bottom of a lake covered in moss. Your pond is under threat from a nearby industrial tycoon and you need to move to a new location. The muck has grown over you, but the more you plod ahead the more you adapt to it or it falls off. A shaky metaphor at best, but I just wanted to talk about a turtle. Sorta like the one from the Neverending Story. That thing is pretty, pretty cool.


  • I’m trying to be more active on social media and whatnot. You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Looks like I’ll be at a few conventions this summer if everything goes okay with the vaccines. Still, I’m scared. This UK variant is everywhere in Minnesota. The vaccine I got is effective against it, but it is other people I know I could give it to. Still so much unknown with this whole thing. I do think the whole getting back to normal is a bit premature. 
  • My kids are addicted to the Loud House on Paramount+. I have to admit the show is pretty fantastic. It is a Nickelodeon show, which I grew up on and have a particular affinity for. It centers around a boy who has ten sisters growing up in a small house. Does that feel familiar to my kids? My family is large and jammed into a tiny home.
  • I recently sat outside and watched a thunderstorm. It was lovely. Sometimes in all the madness that is our world, you forget about how astounding nature is to observe. It makes you feel insignificant, I thought I would expand on one of the topics from my last musings/jottings, which was kindness equaling judgement. If you’ve been kind to someone, helped them financially or otherwise, that does not mean you have power over them in any way, or can judge them for how they use that kindness. I’m guilty of it myself in my past. Years of therapy taught me to practice mindfulness and to stop being so selfish. Using kind acts as guilt grenades is not cool. By throwing things at them like: “I do so much for you,” you’re trying to avoid being held accountable for your actions. Be kind without any strings attached.
  • Pokemon Snap. Anyone into that? Is that game worth getting? I’m very mixed about it. I love me some Pokemon, but I’m not sure taking pictures of them will be fun. Maybe it will be? Ugh it sounds like I really have to convince myself. Think I’ll just focus on Skyward Sword.  
  • Thank you all for reading my blog and have a safe and healthy week!