About the Series


“It began with a drum. Then the monsters came. I’ve been hiding ever since.”

The following collections of journals were recovered from a caravan outside of Duluth, Minnesota. The exact date of recovery is not known nor is the origin of the speaker. The Bureau for the Restoration of History (BFRH) would like help in identifying the man who kept these records. This unedited record of events is still considered the most accurate history of the apocalypse that occurred on April 15th, 2011.

The Greenland Diaries has a really simple premise to it. One April evening in West Saint Paul, a bank teller is shutting down the drive-up window when a mysterious drum starts playing in the background. Monsters appear shortly after the sound begins and humanity is hunted to the brink of extinction. The creatures are so terrifying, the main character cannot even look at them. Naturally, the protagonist hides in the basement and begins to journal about what is occurring in an effort to maintain his sanity. He is just a normal guy, with no survival skills or abilities (he is based on me). I use the mundane point-of-view to enhance the monsters and suspense of what is occurring.  The voice is raw, unedited, and meant to enhance the realism of the situation. Without a doubt this is my most demanded work.

The Greenland Diaries first 10 days are available to read for free online. Please click here for the sample.

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In total, there are four books in the series:

The Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100

The Greenland Diaries: Days 101 – 140

The Greenland Diaries: Day 141 – 200

There is also The Drum: And Other Tales from the Greenland Diaries

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