Here are some reviews of Beware the Ills

The Good

“On a cold remote island where snow falls every day, an unnamed narrator, The Guardian, protects the Diamond Town from all invaders. For many years, the invaders have come in waves. This time is no different. With his pet/companion, a giant animal named Blue, he sets a trap and prepares himself for battle. And thus begins Beware the Ills, an exciting, fast-paced novel by Patrick W. Marsh. The black-and-white cover matches the starkness of the story, and the overall theme is very dark. The first-person narrative pushes the action forward at relentless speed. The blood-soaked prose is often poetic. The battle scenes (filled with axes, crossbows, swords, and massive walking machines of war) are dizzying in their imagery and depictions. Amidst all the violence and bloodshed, a sense of loss runs through the novel. The writing brought to mind the works of Cormac McCarthy and Gabriel Garcia Marquez.  Once I started reading, I didn’t stop until I reached the end. Highly recommended.” –Brian Bowyer, Five Stars

I really enjoyed the book – the fight scenes were great, really reminiscent of R.A. Salvatore. I think the style and atmosphere were nice – very dark and stark, though I do agree with one reviewer, that I wish the book had been longer and more descriptive. But I am just hoping for more background and development in future novels, which I can’t wait for. -Exlibris, Five Stars

“The trees are watching, they never say anything as it is all, only first person, a very different way to write and not a familiar read. I am only human, so was Bruce Lee and Jack LaLanne. The fighting is endless, solders don’t pick the fight, they fight for their job, and we laud them for it. The next book has 3 perspectives so it will be so different and everyone including the protector needs more perspective. The changes and the expected all flow with surprise and suspense. An excellent start for a new author. I am really glad I took a chance on this book.” – HenryP, Five Stars

The Bad

“Beware The Ills by Patrick W. Marsh is listed in the horror genre, however I think it should be listed in the war genre and fantasy genre instead. Although it is not a war between man in the conventional sense, as it has monsters and other beast, it is basically a story of war games of a man who’s name we never learn and his friend Blue. They feel it is their job to protect their land from outlanders and monsters that wander onto the island. I liked the cover of the book being black and white with the forest seemingly surrounding you. It gives you a sense of mystery. However with the nostalgia that the cover gave me I felt let down by its contents. I found the story very descriptive, which I like in a book, but lacking the thrill of a good horror book. I did note a few grammar errors throughout the book, but they didn’t affect the story itself. I also noticed that some of the things in the story seemed repetitive. I would probably recommend this to someone for a weekend read, as it is short. I would only recommend it to someone who likes war stories as well as fantasy, because I feel like that is what it is better classified under. If you don’t like stories with a ton of battles this is not the book for you.” -Bookworm, Three Stars

“Beware the Ills is a short “horror” novel that really defines the term “Hack & Slash” as that’s really all there was to this book. At first glance I was intrigued at seeing the text from the first person perspective of the “killer” if you will. The first person writing wasn’t bad but at times became redundant just as anything with constant variations of “I” will do. Speaking of redundancy, the repetition in this novel wasn’t the worst but it was annoying at times, especially when the facts would change compared to what was just read a few pages previously. Also it needs to go through another few rounds of editing as there are quite a few typos/grammatical errors. The plot was more of a jump from battle scene to battle scene with very little else to fill the gaps. World building was almost non-existant and any plot forwarding ideas were never pursued. Though any male reader would generally enjoy the “action” of this book, the lack of overall story line, emotion or really anything else really negates anything gained. The plot was extremely simple yet for some reason was hard to follow in the big picture because nothing was ever explained.The characters weren’t much more than representations of whatever special battle abilities they had. There is no connecting with characters, only mind numbing internal dialogue which may very loosely count as some kind of foreshadowing. The author can write a good battle scene, but beyond that I don’t know how much of a “story” this is. My personal suggestion would be to make the book another 200-300 pages longer, keeping the fights, but actually building a story to care about or relate to.” – FatMan, Lazyday, Two Stars

“I started it over twice, trying to get back into it, but could never make it past about 25% in. I wasn’t fond of the first person perspective and I thought that the story and characters were boring.” – Amazon Customer, One Star 

Here are some reviews of The Greenland Diaries

The Good

“This is not your typical post-apocalyptic story. I think this version of what it would be like is more convincing. Yes, there’s the need to find provisions, shelter and protection. But what kept me reading was NOT knowing exactly who the enemy was and how it was all going to end. In the beginning we are told that this is a journal that was found which gives one hope through the book. If you like endings that are tied up neatly this is not the book for you. I hope the author gives us another 100 days or at least some insight as to how this journal could have been found.” – Avid Reader, Five Stars

“I’m going to round up and make it five stars. It would get the full five stars (in spite of typos and such) except it’s going to drive me nuts waiting for the sequels to get some answers. There’s a glut of apocolyptic and distopian fiction out right now but this one rises above much of it because of the voice and diary approach. It builds beautifully, if one can use a word like that for something so disturbing and anxiety inducing. Good job Mr. Marsh and get with it. I want to know what happens to the fellow and his little dog, too.” – Julie Yekkel, Five Stars

“Very entertaining! I really enjoyed reading this and had a hard time putting it down. I did not like that it ended so abruptly even though the title of the book foretold that would happen. There were teasing pieces of information as to what what going on but not enough to fill in the blanks. I would definitely purchase a sequel to this book.” – Paula K. Perry, Five Stars

The Bad

“I wanted to love this book after reading the other reviews but I found it monotonous. I read it all the way through because I wanted to give it the full opportunity to grab me. It didn’t. Probably the most irritating part to me was finding out that I was reading the beginning of a probably series. That indication is nowhere to be found until you get to the last page and realize that there are still no answers, no ending and actually no progression. You might as well stop at the first week. The rest is just repetition. I appreciate that some may find this book entertaining but I won’t be buying anymore from this author.” – Pamela Henderson, One Star

“I found this book to be rather boring. I found the few characters to be rather  shallow. Their actions were pretty predictable. Toward the end, the book seemed to take on a horror tone. Would have been better if those events were present throughout the entire story.” – Mel, Two Stars

“Not a favorite genre of mine. I was constantly wondering as I read if there could possibly be a glimmer of hope. The answer always revealed to be NO. I would read a sequel and keep looking for hope.” – Reviewer#1, Three Stars

Here are some reviews for Seven Monsters

“This is a great read. I always judge a book by if it makes me want to read more by the same author, and this one definitely does!!” – Sigrid Powell, Five Stars

“Great collection of unique stories. Can’t wait to read the rest of This Living Cage too.” – Joe Soto, Five Stars

(There are not enough reviews of this book to include any negative reviews, but I’m sure they’ll appear, eventually.)

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