Monday Musings 6/26

This will be my final week of quiet before I’m doing multiple conventions for the next couple of months. I’ve been eager to get things going. The only way I consistently make money is if I’m out there selling my books. I took some time off from selling to finish the 3rd book in the Greenland Diaries.

  1. One last promotional push for the book sale I’m hosting this Wednesday June 28th at the Robbin Gallery. It will be open to the public from 4:30 – 7:30 pm. The event is completely free to attend. There will be half-a-dozen authors there selling their books and ready to engage in conversation about a variety of topics. Many genres of writing will be available for purchase. This is a fantastic opportunity to be exposed to the local literary scene and to support independent authors. There will be some free food as well. I kept that fact for the end to hook you in. I’m an eternal college student. I will always love free food.
  2. I’m amid rebranding myself, which sucks because I’ve tried to do it a few times and I’ve never fully committed to it, or I’ve panicked and headed in the other direction. When you start running your writing like a business, you look at your books as products and not pieces of your artistic soul. It is a strange sensation. You then start to realize that selling yourself as an author isn’t as effective as selling your most popular brand. The modern buyer or audience doesn’t want to be distracted by your personality. They want the best story you have. I’m currently rebranding myself as the Greenland Diaries, and not Patrick W. Marsh. Sounds confusing? Well, it is. I’m just starting to figure it out.
  3. There a bunch of people from an old part of my life long abandoned who are progressing and accomplishing things. I don’t talk to them anymore because of some friction due to my actions, which were systematic with my past emotional insecurities. Confronting depression the last two years of my life has made me realize what a loose cannon I was beforehand. I would like the chance to apologize, but that also invites the possibility for more drama. Life is complicated. If any of those people see this post I just want to let them know how sorry I am for being so volatile. Also, how proud I am of them for all they’ve done.
  4. As I edit the 3rd Greenland Diaries story I can see the monsters as clear as ever. I’m happy with how they’re turning out. Make no mistake about this story, the monsters are the central character. Despite the limited POV of the narrator, the monsters are dominant, focused, and the star of this green nightmare. Whenever I sell the book I tell people the monsters are not aliens, zombies, genetic freaks, or mutants. I cannot even express in words how important they are to me as a writer.
  5. This week in Craft Corner, I wanted to talk describing pointless human actions in your stories. I’ve noticed with the revision of the 3rd Greenland Diaries, I spend a ton of time describing details about the scene, which would be automatically assumed by any normal thinking human. This tendency to over-describe is an ailment all writers suffer from at some point or another. There are many times your audience, especially the modern one, will be able to picture a fictional scene better than you think they can. We’re so saturated now. Everyone has been exposed to almost every genre. Don’t underestimate your audience and waste their time on boring details. A screw driver, table lamp, or doorway don’t need to have pages dedicated to their chipping paint or rustic decay.


House of Cards has gotten too outrageous. I still like the show, but I really don’t know where else it can go. I liked the last season, but it certainly embraces the slippery slope shared by power and madness.

– Happy that June is finally ending. Like I mentioned earlier, a slower month in terms of book sales. Excited to heading into some conventions and events.

– Don’t become an entrepreneur unless you have self-discipline. I had none when I started. Ugh, what a painful growing experience.

Attack on Titan season two is all done. It went by incredibly fast. This is my favorite piece of media right now. The monsters and situation is insanely unique. Love it.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I still have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills (my first novel and my favorite), The Greenland Diaries (my most popular story), Seven Monster (my first short stories I got the rights to), and DOL 39 (Kindle exclusive story that rivals The Greenland Diaries in creativity).  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page. It is the best way to support me. You get free books too. Just saying…



Visit me at the Robbin Gallery Summer Book Sale

Robbin Gallery Photo Post

On Wednesday June 28th from 4:30 – 7:30 pm at the Robbin Gallery I will be hosting a free event called the Robbin Gallery Summer Book Sale. It will include seven different authors, including myself. We’ll be there to sell our books, talk to our readers, and potentially belt some passages from our novels. The event is completely free to attend. No dark oaths, deeds, or sacrifices required to enter the doors. You basically just come inside the front door and bask in the glow of homegrown Minnesota authors selling their books.

Also, there will be free snacks and refreshments. Yup, free food. If this event were being hosted at a college we’d be swarmed by dorm starved students like ants over a broken lollipop.

If you’ve never been to the Robbin Gallery, well, you’re missing out on a piece of history. The place has just been remodeled. The new wood floors are shiny and pristine. The sunlight is quaint and quiet. There is award winning art dangling from the walls. Overall the place has an aura of history and tranquility, a perfect ambiance for a bunch of authors to sully with their moodiness. To find out more about the Robbin Gallery click here.

The authors participating in the event include a variety of styles and genres. All are from Minnesota in some capacity and are striking out on their own as explorers in the new publishing world. The list of authors includes:

Kathryn Sullivan
Ozgur K. Sahin
Amanda Meuwissen
Troy Skog
Scott Burtness
Meaghan Hedin
Patrick W. Marsh
Free admission, food, and refreshments. There’ll be stories galore, plus humans who produced those books to speak with. Be a part of something awesome and enjoy this fledgling literary event in what we hope is the first of many.  So, if you’re free on Wednesday June 28th from 4:30 – 7:30 pm come stop by this event and help support independent authors. We need all the help we can get. Enjoy some cheese and fancy French sodas as well. I hope to see you there. Thank you.

Monday Musings 6/19

Been a busy week. Took my week of meditation to prepare myself for the revision of the Greenland Diaries: Days 141 – 200. Celebrated a birthday for my stepson. Adjusting to summer break and the flow of the days. Hard to believe we’re almost done with June. Summer passes so quickly. Not as fast as when I was a kid though. In a green blink of the eye at it would be all gone.

  1. I’m super excited and honored to be on eight panels for CONvergence 2017. I’ll be moderating five of them, including a panel with three of the guests of honor. I’m completely humbled to be in this position. Just a few years ago I managed to get onto one panel and that was it. I’m happy now to be so involved. I’ve already started to think of questions to ask the panelists. It is nice having so much time to prepare.
  2. I will be hosting a book sale at the Robbin Gallery here in Robbinsdale, Minnesota on June 28th, from 4:30 – 7:30. There will be free snacks and refreshments, plus half-a-dozen authors from various genres selling their books. The event is free to attend. This has been the first time I’ve hosted my own book sale. I’ve planned dozens of readings, but never a selling event. You gain so much confidence and experience from doing it yourself. I cannot stress what a novice I was at this stuff before I started simply doing it. I have had small successes and small failures. Give yourself permission for both. Learning how to do these events is not difficult. The bark is always worse than the bite.
  3. Sitting in parking lots and empty spaces working on my writing while the babies sleep gives me a sneak preview to nature’s hidden interactions. Mostly animals and birds. Geese taking their young on walks and cleaning off their feathers. They line them up like children in first grade to take attendance, then march them along picking at their molts. Squirrels stealthily sneaking into trash cans and reemerging with miscellaneous food or debris locked into their teeth. Once, a squirrel had a chocolate chip cookie in his mouth, and I could see the excitement in his wild eyes. I keep wanting to see something unique, like a weasel or snake, but now that I’ve said that I’m sure a mountain lion will randomly appear and sharpen its claws on the hood of my minivan.
  4. I’ve restarted my short story a week routine. Took forever. I’m going to stick to the world of the Greenland Diaries for a while, but that doesn’t mean I won’t expand or get tired of it. Since I have a new book being released in the fall from this universe, I sort of to want to explain the mythology behind the series. Since the main Greenland Diaries books are in first-person POV, you’re limited to the amount of information you get about what is happening in this apocalyptic world. With short stories, and hopefully a prequel being released next year about the drum, I can clue the audience into the world mechanics the protagonist from the novels only sees from afar.
  5. This week on craft corner I wanted to get a bit existential and talk about the nature of craft corner. Usually, when I write these little paragraphs about craft, marketing, or some mixture between both, I’m evaluating the demons that are currently plaguing me. I use advice to understand my own problems. I hope through my own self-evaluation in this paragraph, I can share a common ailment with writing that others can relate to in their own artistry. Everything I mention in these little advice columns has plagued me at some point. Helping people can sometimes illuminate your own problems and put them in perspective. There, that wasn’t too meta. Have a great week!


-Got past that big plot twist in Jane the Virgin. My heart is still recovering.

-There is a new Metroid game for 3DS. News like this should be considered a national holiday.

-I was addicted to some reality tv recently. Marriage Boot Camp with Reality Stars. Phew! Binged the whole thing on Hulu. People go through so much tragedy and you would have no idea. There were actually a few lessons in there I would like to apply to my own marriage. The show teaches you to be considerate and forgiving. I did not expect that.

-This is my second Father’s Day ever. I love being a dad. I’m so honored to be one. Thank you.

Sales of the Week: Currently, I still have four books on sale for a buck on the Kindle: Beware the Ills (my first novel and my favorite), The Greenland Diaries (my most popular story), Seven Monster (my first short stories I got the rights to), and DOL 39 (Kindle exclusive story that rivals The Greenland Diaries in creativity).  Also, I’ve updated my Patreon rewards.  Give it a look. Click HERE to visit my Patreon page. It is the best way to support me. You get free books too. Just saying…