DOL 39 Sample


Known to the National Science Foundation as – digital organic life form.

Known to the Silver Guard as – devouring organic life form.

The following paragraph was found by the Silver Guard on a patrol in the southern forest just outside Estate 39 on April 27th, 2114. The victim was whole and not fed upon. His name was Jerome Stanton. He was the Feeder in charge of dropping off the cadavers inside Estate 39. These words were carved into the flesh of his body between the nape of his neck and small of his back.

You wanted me. You wanted something to give life, to make you believe in the living after death. So you made me to restart your world, to give you back all the resources you plundered away for pretty things. Now we have this truce that states I must stay in my metal palace on the far side of the forest. I feed, and my meals become my spawn, and you fight them at every turn. You kill my children every day. You pound them down with stakes and nails of silver until they’re a twisted and hungry mess. You snails in silver shells; you get bled so easily by my kin. Four die per fight, at the least. I know you all shake and scream when you find my brood walking the woods, looking for fresh meat. You made me so you could eat, but now, I eat you. You sound your sirens like dead birds when we come too close to your city. You wanted me. You wanted us. Now we exist. I’ve left my prison, my mansion built out of the steel, iron, aluminum, glass, and all the other guts of your old world. Now your world waits for me to appear. Now your world waits for me to feed.