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The world has always made more sense to me with monsters in it. Whether it is a shadow hanging on a streetlight in a plant-warped apocalypse, a lonely killer on a cursed island powered by a phantom force, or a god-like demon locked in deep space counting constellations, monsters have always made the world more palatable to me. In my books, and through my stories, I build monsters to understand what it is to be human. I want people to know why the scary things are important to me. There is always more to the monster than you think.

My name is Patrick W. Marsh, and I’m the author of the novels Beware the Ills and the Greenland Diaries. I’ve released two short story anthologies I Sing Constellations and The Drum. I’m the Writer-in-Residence at the Robbin Gallery. I’m a father of four, and my wife is a photographer and plant enthusiast. I studied creative writing at three different colleges, been blogging for half-a-decade, and I’ve been both self-published and traditionally published. For more info about my credentials and publications you can click on Press & Cred.

My books are dark fantasy, science fiction, and horror, with variations on the apocalypse, epic fantasy, and journals.They always have amazing monsters in them. I like common settings in uncommon styles, with moralistic characters battling against supernatural forces that are the product of their own personalities. Click on books to learn more.

Thank you for giving my voice a chance, and for supporting me. I’m also on Patreon. This is all I do for a living, so if you feel like supporting me beyond reading my stories and books please visit my Patreon page to see how you could help. The rewards are fantastic. Please follow me on social media. I love to interact with people. If you need to get a hold of me, please email me at basementsaid@gmail.com. I will respond. I have emotions. Thank you for reading my blog and work.

author photo with millie

-Patrick W. Marsh


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