Monday Musings 4/22

One last promotion of my new editions of the Greenland Diaries: Days 1 – 100 and Days 101 – 140, which are available through my Square Store. I’ll stop mindlessly promoting them pretty soon. I think. Maybe. Probably never. Beep. Boop. Promoting robot.

  1. My plan for my self-publishing exploits was to write the long-delayed sequel to Beware the Ills, but that isn’t going to happen. I have too much going on. I never meant for the book to be a series either, I just sort of copped out when people started asking for a sequel. I’ll get it done one of these days, but not this fall. Sorry for the disappointment. Between the film, the 48 Hour Film Project, and other things (family, wife, kids, dog) I don’t think I’ll have time to give the story the attention it deserves.
  2. I will be releasing an omnibus of my short stories, with new additions to the collection. I’m tired of selling three different short story books, so I’ll just pancake them all together, give them some new editing, and include fresh tales for the returning reader. I’m going to call the collection Monsters, Monsters, Everywhere. It is coming in September. More details forthcoming.
  3. I really want to give my blog a little bit more love and start releasing a serialized story on here again in 500 work chunks, but I’m so low on time to do these things that I worry about releasing an inferior product (business jargon has officially meshed with my artistic perspective since I’m trying to live off of it). I might publish Chains on here, and maybe try to continue the story since I love it dearly. Hmmm. Yes. Yes. I like that. And yes, I was stroking my beard when I wrote those words, just like a super villain.
  4. This Saturday, April 27th from 1 – 6 pm I’ll be at Number 12 Cider in Minneapolis selling my stories at the Books and Beer Pop-up Bookstore. These are always awesome events. They’re kind of a perfect combination for obvious reasons (insert generic writer stereotype). I’ll be having another, more informative post on Thursday about it.
  5. Cyberpunk is starting to really grip my soul. I love the genre more and more, probably because it is a realistic echo to the world we are currently living in. I would say about 60% of the stories I’m creating these days are in this setting. It is a very versatile place to base a narrative. Judging by the volumes of Cyberpunk fiction being produced and released on Amazon, well, I’m hardly alone in my fascination.


  • Chrono Trigger still rocks my socks. One of the best games ever, by far. I have it for my DS/3DS and it is amazing.
  • Just found out Akira is on Hulu. Time to traumatize my Stepsons with another dark anime.
  • Is any game more atmospheric than Luigi’s Mansion 1 or 2? I know fear is a quick way to establish an emotional commitment to a setting, but these games make me feel like I’m really stalking the rooms looking for ghosts.
  • A new comic book store opened next to my house. They’re still getting organized (the place looks a little post-apocalyptic), but I’m eager to introduce my kids to the glory of such a world.
  • I love my family.
  • The pop culture apocalypse is coming. Game of Thrones is ending. So is Avengers. So is the original trope of Star Wars. Yeah. BOOM.
  • Everyone have a safe and healthy week.