Monday Musings 1/ 14

Insert traditional Monday Musings comment here about how I’m back and I don’t know what to do with myself and how your writing career is like one snarled clump of hair you find in the shower drain or something. Yeah, I went ugly with that metaphor.

  1. Writing film is hard. I wish I were a little bit more prepared for it, but what can you do. If you want to be involved with any project or do anything, there comes a point where it feels like you need to learn how to ride a bike without ever having used training wheels. That’s me right now with this film I’m writing. I’m simultaneously terrified and exhilarated. Those two emotions tend to coincide.
  2. Plotted out the outline for This Living Cage, the sequel to Beware the Ills. Pretty excited about writing it. Happy with where I went with the plot and characters. Haukter was a great villain in Beware the Ills, one of the best I’ve ever created, but in This Living Cage I think I’ve surpassed him with the new antagonist. Beware the Three Clawed Man. Half the book is written from his perspective as well, so you’ll get plenty of his voice.
  3. This week I’m launching a new serialized story in The Greenland Diaries universe. It takes place in Key Largo, Florida (where I got married and one of my favorite places to go in the world). It is about sisters that have survived the onset of the drum and are hiding in a hotel along the Saltwater Everglades. This story features the Water Unnamed from The Greenland Diaries, which is a major character in book three (Days 141 – 200). This will hopefully be starting this week. It’ll be over 10 parts, at about 500 words each. It will probably be biweekly, but we’ll see how it goes. It is sort of a fluid project, but at least it’ll be free to read on here.
  4. Didn’t get into a big convention for the summer, plus another one I was going to do was cancelled due to low attendance. It sucks. I thought this sort of stuff might happen. A bunch of new cons started up, but only a few managed to survive. I think with geekdom firmly bonding to popular culture, cons rampantly spread. However, as people address how much they want to invest in their individual fandoms, they’re more careful about what conventions they’re willing to spend money on.
  5. I will be shutting down my online store for paperback books this week. Unfortunately, in terms of a business standpoint, the model I’ve been using to sell physical books online has been flawed and unprofitable. I will be selling them chiefly on Amazon and not really anywhere else except personally at events. If you need to specifically to order a special edition or signed copy, I will still do that, but the prices will vary. To reach me you can email me at I will post links to Amazon so they’re easy to find. Preorders will also still be available; I’ll just be doing them through Amazon. Thank you everyone for supporting this store, it just isn’t feasible from a cost standpoint anymore. You’ve got till Friday to make your purchases before the lights go off.

Incoherent Ramblings:

  • Today via the Kindle my short story collection I Sing Constellations is free. Click HERE to get it.
  • SPOILER ALERT. Watched Black Mirror’s Bandersnatch on Netflix. I liked it, specifically the choose your own adventure format, but I didn’t really like the lack of resolution whether it was happy or sad. The story as a whole was great.
  • I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of Mario games. Got Mario 3D Land for 3DS during a Nintendo sale. It is such a positive game to play. I like the bright colors. Lol.
  • Still haven’t gotten to Birdbox yet.
  • Castle of Caligostro can never leave Netflix. I will cry.
  • Cooked Fettuccine Alfredo for the first time from scratch. I officially feel like I can cook now.
  • Loving Super Smash Brothers. Not as much as I love the Hasbro collection of Monopoly, Risk, and Trivial Pursuit on Switch.
  • Everyone have a safe and healthy week. Visit that online store before it goes kaput.


Well, I’m back in some respect. I took a hiatus that I thought was permanent from musings, random updates, and writing on my blog in general, but I undervalued how good it is for me to continue to produce content on here. Not just for the few people who follow me to know how or what I’m doing, but to also practice my voice. I hate being such a flip-floppy person when it comes to the direction of where I’m going with my writing, media, or whatever, but it is what it is. I cannot ignore how useful social media is in terms of marketing, especially for a small fish in a big pond like me. I try to do other platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or whatever. However, nothing feels more comfortable to me then jotting down a few thoughts on this blog, so here I am.

Besides just saying that I’m returning from this vacation I took over the holidays (though I worked a seasonal job at Target, which was limited but brutal) I wanted to mention some of the projects I was working on.

  1. A handful of short stories for traditional publication. I still want to earn my way with literary magazines and get a manuscript into a publishing house. That is my long-term goal as a writer. I won’t give up on that.
  2. The sequel to Beware the Ills, my first self-published novel, which is entitled This Living Cage. I will continue to self-publish my Greenland Diaries series and Beware the Ills series myself. Unless lighting strikes and a publisher wants to help me.
  3. A serialized Greenland Diaries fiction story only available on my blog (for free of course) to keep my fictional voice tuned to this giant universe I’ve started. That’ll be released soon I hope.
  4. A serialized fiction series on the Kindle about a haunted forest nestled into a Midwestern suburb.
  5. A full length film for a local production company. There is a monster involved. Of course there is.
  6. Nonfiction pieces about depression and how I tell stories about monsters to deal with my mental illness.
  7. A million other projects that bully my thoughts around.

I’m sure for my few readers this is no surprise that I’m crawling back to the helpful routine and instant gratification of my blog. I’m happy to be back. Thank you for sticking with me. Monday Musings will start again next week. Be safe everyone!