Five Video Games to be Remastered

Gaming is a huge part of my personality. For many years of my life I would let the negativity of various social circles conceal my love of all things pixel and playable. Since I’ve had children and purged these negative people from my life, I’ve been lucky enough to explore this part of me again. I’m also nostalgic, so here are five video games I want remade for the modern audience.

  1. Final Fantasy VI: I think this would be on the top of the list for many people. Originally released on Super Nintendo, Final Fantasy VI (or III in the US) is one of the greatest games of all time. New graphics, details, and recorded music (not new, just rerecorded), would make this the game of the year. In storytelling of anything, you have a hard time finding a unique or more emotional setting that exists in Final Fantasy VI. Despite the characters being superhuman and magical, you have an easy time relating to them in the various situations. Each character you can play with is unique. Also, you actually lose in this game to the villain Kafka, who does succeed in destroying the world, and you’re expected to piece it back together.
  2. Actraiser 2: I hated this game. It was hard, annoying, and trying to navigate the spaceship or flying fortress to each level was a pain in the goddamn ass. I only beat a handful of levels. I would like to lie and save face with some invisible critic out there on the internet who was like:“This loser only beat two levels on Actraiser 2?” This game was insanely hard. The only reason I want it remastered for the modern audience is so that others can suffer like I once did. Finally someone could relate to me about this misery.
  3. Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinistrals: Another classic RPG from Super Nintendo. This selection is kind of a mixture of one and two. One, because of the genre it is spawned from. Two, because I want other people to suffer like I did. The puzzles. The endless enigmas, including one called: “The World’s Greatest Puzzle,” made me stopped playing the game for months at a time. A friend and I solved the puzzle purely by accident, not by applying wisdom or logic, but I think the game simply got tired of us. Part turn based fantasy battles, with a hint of a dungeon crawler, Lufia is a long-ass game. There are multiple moments where you feel like you’ve beaten the last boss, but you haven’t, because there is another last boss. Also, the enemies you battle with are actually hard. They kill you. Combat is not weighed in your favor.
  4. Secret of Evermore: This is actually my favorite game of all time. I directly pay homage to it at various times throughout the Greenland Diaries. This classic Super Nintendo story is simple. A boy and his dog get lost among a variety of historical worlds, which were created by mad scientists who were granted this ability by an even more insane scientist. There is always a crazier scientist. In the game you journey through Roman, Egyptian, and Renaissance settings with fantasy elements. The game has the same mechanics as Secret of Mana, which was just remastered and re-released. This needs to happen with Secret of Evermore. Like, right now.
  5. Brawl Brothers: A classic side-to-side setting of bad guys wields pipes, bottles, and various other killing devices that appear randomly from the right half of the screen, Brawl Brothers is built in the same vein as Double Dragon and King of Dragons. Bright colors, random stereotypical characters to play like green ninjas and orange street fighters, and an endless supply of levels to storm through, a remaster of Brawl Brothers might usher in a nostalgic wave of similar games. There were also cartoon bubbles to enhance the pain you were inflicting on the endless stream of robbers, criminals, and thugs.

Honorable Mentions: Goldeneye. TMNT Tournament Fighters. Golden Sun: Dark Dawn. Resident Evil 2. Final Fantasy VIII. Virtual On. Wave Race 64. Bushido Blade.

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