Monday Musings 10/22

I’m writing this post while watching Regular Show. Yup. I love it. I wish my memory could be wiped about it, so I could watch it all original-style again. It would be just the Regular Show memories and nothing else. I would have to be specific about it. We’ve all watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

  1. This is the week. The week of the release of The Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 260. Never has a book taken this much work from me. First off, it was probably the most pivotal book plot-wise in the story thus far. If you don’t come out of reading it an anxious and paranoid wreck, well, I haven’t done my job. The monsters themselves are a massive obstacle for the main character, but his mental state begins to deteriorate after 200 plus days in this apocalyptic hell. It’s nothing trite like what is reality, or I can’t tell the difference between the real world, or anything like that. I’m tired of those plot devices.
  2. Wander North Distillery at 6:30 pm on Thursday October 25th is my release party for The Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 260. Everyone is invited. There will custom cocktails, craft booze, and books for sale. It is a super cool venue. By far the nicest one I’ve ever done a book event at in my history of doing this. You don’t want to miss it.
  3. The Greenland Diaries is officially on the backburner from a writing standpoint. I’m still going to market the hell out of it, and do some revisions to the earlier books. I might make some new flash fiction for my blog at some point. Next fall, I’ll be releasing another collection of short stories based in the same universe. I would like to say I’ll be writing the fifth book in the Greenland Diaries in two years, but it might be longer. I’m still trying to figure it all out.
  4. Meanwhile, at the legion of doom, I’ve been thinking a lot about Netflix cancelling Orange is the New Black after this next season. I’ve watched that show from the beginning, and it sort of ushered in “The Golden Age of Television” and now that it is ending, well, I can’t help but feel a little sad about it. I love the series. It really tries to portray the complexity of crime realistically, which I appreciate. It was one of the headliners of the streaming binge phenomenon. It makes me wonder what new era will befall us in the next evolution of storytelling.
  5. This week on Craft Corner I’ve been thinking about advice for writers just starting out. Recently, I did an interview with some press and this question was included. My answer was painfully simply. Write. I know that sounds like an easy solution, and most of us hate when someone uses an oversimplification to problem solve, but writing is the best thing for you to do as a writer starting out. Poems, blogs, short stories, scripts, flash fiction, cartoons, hell even Memes all have a storytelling element to them. You need to get your work out there whatever it might be. You can start small, like a blog post, or starting writing short stories and sending them off to a literary magazine or publisher. Regardless, you have to write.


  • I have an interview coming out in the Daily Dead at some point. More info to come on when you can read it.
  • Remember to go out and vote. Not trying to be political or judgmental, just a reminder to get your voice out there and be a part of our democracy.
  • Steamworld Dig 2 is an amazing game on the 3DS.
  • Attack on Titan is going to make me cry this week. I know it. Ugh.
  • As a reader, I’ve noticed I’m really expecting good stuff to read. Like unique stuff. I’m tired of the basic 3rd person narration being the primary vehicle for written storytelling.
  • Sometimes I get really jealous of titles of things. Like the new game for Switch called “Into the Breach.” Yup, that is one sexy title. Wish I had it.
  • I hope everyone has a great and safe week! Thank you for all your support.