Visit me at the Robbin Gallery for a Reading of Moya


On Thursday May 16th at 6:00pm I will be reading from my freshly released short story collection Moya at the Robbin Gallery here in the Twin Cities. I will be reading from a few different stories, sharing exposition about what happened with the process, and other random tidbits about the grand state of narrative. Unless something changes out of my control this will be the only reading I do considering this collection. In the fall I’ll be doing other promotional events for The Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 250. Until then, this is my last sort of bit in public besides conventions.

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If you’ve never been to the Robbin Gallery, it really is a remarkable and quaint little place. It is nestled into Robbinsdale’s historic area. It used to be an old library but was converted to a gallery. The staff is friendly. The art is beautiful. It really is a nice location for a quick reading before retiring to your chambers for some television binging or other trademarks of modern opulence.

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I’m very excited to do a reading. I haven’t done one in months. I have been sort of working on the backside of writing, or the composition, and worrying less about the marketing or publicity. Moya is a great collection of short stories. They’re some of my best. I loved writing them. So, on Thursday May 16th at 6:00pm you’ll find me at the Robbin Gallery. I hope you can make it. The event is free. Families are welcome. Nothing inappropriate. Just a guy using monsters to express his daily battle with mental illness. Thank you for the support everyone.