Our Film “The Chair” is Now Watchable

Chair Promo Image

Alright, one final piece of propaganda concerning the film I wrote. Sorry for the double posting Facebook friends, but I wanted to make sure all my readers got a chance to watch this film and had access to a link.

Recently, if you haven’t heard via my constant ramblings of disbelief, the film I wrote for the 48 Hour Film Project here in Minneapolis won best film, directing, and editing. You can now watch this film entitled: “The Chair” via the 48 Hour Film Project website.

Click here to watch “The Chair”

This has been quite a whirlwind of events. We didn’t expect to win best picture. It was quite a surprise. “The Chair” will travel across the Atlantic ocean to compete with all the others at Filmapalooza in Rotterdam, Netherlands. The winner of that competition heads to Cannes Film Festival.

So again, one more time, click here to watch “The Chair”

Thank you everyone for the awesome words of encouragement, kindness, and general awesomeness. This is the most vindication I think I’ve gotten for my storytelling ability, well, ever. It makes all those lonely moments of writing stories I hope/prayed people would see a little bit easier to digest. Thank you everyone for you continued support. I couldn’t have done it without you.