Visit me at 13 Gears

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Well, it is that time of the year again for me to head down to the old Grain Belt Brewery Warehouse for Minnesota’s premier Steampunk celebration 13 Gears. On February 9th and 10th, I’ll be selling and signing my books at 13 Gears. The event takes place on both days of the weekend, a first from any of the previous celebrations. It is expanding because it is awesome. On Saturday the operation times are 11am to 7pm, while on Saturday they’re from 10am to 4pm.

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This is an awesome event. There is live music, tea dueling, amazing cosplay, and a ton of awesome vendors. I’ll be hanging out with a few other fantastic Steampunk authors this year, Michael Merriam and Catherine Lundoff. Both are accomplished writers of the genre and will bring more diversity to the written word offered at 13 Gears.

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At this event I’ll be selling my newly released and fourth book in my apocalyptic series The Greenland Diaries. This is the first sort of convention for the New Year where I’ll have The Greenland Diaries: Days 201 – 260 on sale for physical copies. Supplies are limited, so find my table quickly if you want one. I’ll be selling my Steampunk short story collection Moya as well. I’ll also be offering a special Steampunk combo at a reduced price. Visit me to get the details. It is a really good deal.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone at the event. This is one of my favorites of the year. I always enjoy my time there. Hope to see you!


Last Chance to Buy from my Online Store

Well, like the title of this blog post says, this is your final chance to buy anything from my online store. I’ll be shutting it down at midnight for good. This means all my deals for combos for books and artwork will be gone as well. Thank you to everyone who has used this service provided to me by Square. In the end, it just wasn’t a profitable way for me to get my books to my readers. I’ll let Amazon do the work now, and simply focus on my writing. It needs all of my attention.

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When I first started doing the writing thing, I jumped at every opportunity to get my name and brand out there. While I was doing this, I let the quality of my prose slip a little bit as I tried to find my audience. Now, after nearly seven years of self-publishing and blogging, I see now where my energies should be applied, while at the same time honoring the stuff I’ve done before. I’m still going to self-publish the rest of The Greenland Diaries, and the sequels to Beware the Ills, but all other projects will be funneled into a traditional publishing setting. This is another reason why I’m shutting own this online store. I don’t have the time or energy available to make it profitable and updated.

Again click HERE to visit my online store for the last time.

So, once more, thank you to everyone who has stuck it out with me and supported this blog. I’m still going to update it, so this isn’t really a goodbye, just a step in a different direction. I’ll still be selling my books at conventions and other places, just not online anymore through a Square store. Thank you everyone. Your support means the world.

Thank you.